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Scott B.

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Our mission is to provide job seekers with the most effective – and trusted – source of career and coaching services.

Our founders – Marsha Murray and Keith Wolf – started ResumeSpice with the vision of creating the most effective – and trusted – career services and coaching platform in the country. Bold aspirations, to be sure. But helping job seekers is their passion – and the mission of ResumeSpice.

How it Started

Marsha and Keith run one of the country’s top recruiting firms, Murray Resources. Over the last three decades the company has matched thousands of job seekers with their dream jobs and helped change countless lives in the process. But for years one thing has continued to frustrate Marsha and Keith – that they were not in a position to help more people. On average, their recruiting firm is contacted by over a hundred thousand job seekers per year. Unfortunately, the company can only work on a limited amount of job openings, not nearly enough to address the total demand.

Making a Larger Impact

From their experience in the recruiting field, Marsha and Keith were not satisfied with the standard advice given to job candidates regarding how to present themselves throughout the job search process. Most “experts” and “coaches” did not have first-hand hiring or recruiting experience. How did they know what employers were really looking for? Marsha and Keith realized that to help more candidates they needed to expand their services to address the types of questions that baffle most candidates in the job search process.

Questions such as…

  • How do I put together a resume that actually works?
  • How do I get through applicant tracking systems (ATS) to make sure my resume is actually read?
  • How long should my resume be?
  • What if I'm transitioning to a new career?
  • How do I address employment gaps?
  • Do I need really need a cover letter? And if so, what should it include?
  • How do I best prepare for an interview?
  • Do I need a LinkedIn profile? What should it say?
  • The list goes on…

Enter ResumeSpice

Today, ResumeSpice exists to help professionals like yourself navigate the job search landscape with resume writing, cover letters, LinkedIn profiles, and interview preparation. We also work with the best career coaches in the country to help professionals with issues such as building a job search strategy, transitioning into a new career, managing more effectively, and effective networking strategies.

We hope you find our service helpful (there's plenty of free advice on our site too!) and please drop us a note to let us know how we’re doing. We’re here to help!

The ResumeSpice Team

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