How Do I Show My Job Duties as Accomplishments on my Resume?

You know your resume should go beyond duties – spelling out your accomplishments is key to providing hiring managers with tangible examples of how you can impact their business. But sometimes that’s easier said than done.

After all, day in and out and week after week, you’re focused on performing responsibilities in your job that are often hard to measure. Plus, you’re not always keeping track of your accomplishments, or you might not be fully aware of how your work impacts the company’s bottom line. This can make writing about them difficult – even for the most experienced professional.

But as resume writing experts, ResumeSpice knows that accomplishments are what set you apart from other job candidates in the minds of hiring managers. They’re what demonstrate your experience, drive to deliver, and proven track record, all in a tangible way.

So how do you take a resume that’s too focused on duties and make it more centered on accomplishments? Here are some tips to help you:

Understand the difference.

A job duty is a task you perform each day, such as “managed the customer billing system.” The accomplishment is the impact it had. For instance, you might write something like “reworked the customer billing system to ensure invoices are consistently distributed on schedule.” These are the kinds of details that will help distinguish you on the job market.

Compile your list.

Once you know the difference between duties and accomplishments, start making a list of those that are important to highlight. When you’re thinking about examples, focus on the most relevant ones for the job you’re applying to. To help you, here are a few questions to ask yourself:

  • How did I save the company time or money?
  • How did I implement or improve any processes that weren’t working? What kind of an impact did that have?
  • How did the work I do help customers and clients?
  • Did I ever go the extra mile on a particular project or with a specific client? How so?
  • Did I ever win an award or was I ever recognized on a certain project or in any way at work?
  • In what ways did I stand out at past companies?
  • What kinds of problems did I solve on a regular basis? What impact did my solutions have?
  • Were there times I exceeded goals or sales quotas?
  • If asked about you, what would your boss or co-workers say makes you great at your work?

Quantify wherever you can.

Adding facts and figures to your accomplishments will strengthen them. While you don’t have to do so for every achievement, if there is a way to quantify one, then do it. For instance, instead of just stating that you “negotiated a new contract with an office supply vendor,” you can say that you did so and “cut costs by 10%.” (assuming that’s accurate!). This will better paint the picture of your experience, abilities, and the value you can offer.

Hiring managers only spend a few seconds reviewing resumes. Make yours stand out – for the better – with tangible benefits you’ve offered to past employers.

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Cover Letter Writing 101

Is the cover letter dead? While most job candidates would love the answer to be a resounding “yes,” that’s just not the case. Hiring managers still rely on cover letters to learn more about the job seekers they’re considering interviewing.

Yet, if you’re like many job candidates, writing a cover letter is a struggle. You’re not sure what to say, how to say it, and which details are going to make you stand out the most to potential employers. That’s where the cover letter writing experts at ResumeSpice come in. Below are some tips and tricks from our team to help you craft a quality letter that gets noticed:

Start with research

Before beginning the writing process, do some research. Learn all you can about the company, including its services, customers, mission and vision. When you have a solid understanding of what they do and who they serve, you’ll be able to demonstrate relevant examples of the value you can offer.

After some leg work you’ll also gain a better sense of the tone you should be using in your letter. For instance, if you’re applying to work in a more formal, corporate setting, then you’ll want to be more conservative with your language.

Make a memorable opening statement

Avoid the “I am applying for the position of ABC analyst.” This simply wastes valuable real estate on the page and does nothing to convince a hiring manager of your worth. Instead, stand out with a strong opening statement. Talk about what grabbed your attention about the job or what excites you about the company. When a hiring manager has read through dozens of cover letters with the same opening statement – and yours offers a fresh and interesting perspective – you’ll differentiate yourself in a big way.

Show the value you can offer.

Hiring managers want to get to know candidates who have a solid track record of achievements. It’s therefore smart to offer relevant examples of a problem you helped solve, a successful project you initiated and completed, and any other results you were able to deliver in past positions.

Demonstrate enthusiasm.

Many times, hiring managers are used to seeing dry or boilerplate cover letters from job candidates. That’s why a little energy and enthusiasm can go a long way in helping to set yourself apart. So talk about why you want the job and what about the company stands out to you. For instance, “I read your company blog daily and would be thrilled to be a part of an organization known for setting industry standards.”

Writing a cover letter can be a daunting task for many job seekers. If you would like professional help with the process, connect with the cover letter writing experts at ResumeSpice. We will learn about your background, experience, and accomplishments to help you produce a winning letter that showcases why you’re uniquely qualified. Call 832.930.7378 today to learn more.

Need a Resume Makeover? Here’s Where to Start

Your resume is your ticket into the interview process. If it’s not working as well as you hoped – and you’re not getting calls for interviews – then it’s time for a makeover. As one of the top resume writing services, ResumeSpice can help. To start, here are 5 key areas to focus on and freshen up your resume:

#1: Length.

Do you have two years of experience, but your resume is three or four pages long? That’s a problem. If you’re in the entry-level range, then cut your resume down to a page. If you’re a more skilled professional – with 5+ years of experience – then you can submit a resume that’s two pages. Here’s a good guide on how long should your resume should be. 

#2: Style.

Is your font size tiny? Are margins tight? Style matters when it comes to your resume. That’s why you need to use a font that’s easy to read and professional So, skip the Comic Sans and instead use a font like Cambria, Calibri, or Times New Roman.

In addition, make sure your resume doesn’t look too cramped. You want it to be as easy as possible for hiring managers to scan, which means one-inch margins and a reasonable amount of space between each line of text.

#3: Format. 

The best resume format to use is a reverse chronological one. This is where you list your most recent job, and then end with your oldest experience. The same order should be used for your education credentials.

#4: Accomplishments.

If you’re simply focusing on tasks, and not talking about your track record, then you’re not going to stand out to hiring managers. Within each position you’ve listed, think about and include at least one major accomplishment that you’re especially proud of and that aligns with the position to which you’re applying. Quantify these with numbers – such as time saved, costs reduced, or profits earned – wherever you can.

#5: Keywords.

Today’s applications and resumes are often scanned by an applicant tracking system before human eyes see them. It’s therefore important to include keywords and phrases from the job posting. Doing so will increase your odds of making it through this filter.

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Stand Out in Your Next Interview by Being Fully Prepared

When it comes to job interviews, only the strongest survive – and either move onto the next round or get a call with an offer. So, what can you do to ensure you beat out the competition in your next interview? Prepare. Sounds simple, but too few candidates go into an interview fully prepared. Here are four tips to help you do just that, from ResumeSpice, one of the top interview prep services.

Tip #1: Research.

A big part of preparing for a job interview is learning all you can about the hiring company. What do they do? Who are their customers? What challenges are they currently facing? And what are their main products and services? You can read through their website, Google them for the latest news, and view their employees’ backgrounds on LinkedIn. We always recommend setting up a Google alert for their company name so you don’t miss any important news. You can also seek out current information by viewing their social media sites. 

Tip #2: Assess

Once you know more about the company, you should have a good understanding of where you fit in. If you don’t, thoroughly read through the job description. Check LinkedIn for employees who are currently in similar roles or who may have left the role. What are their backgrounds? What similar skills do you have? Focus on your most relevant accomplishments.  

Tip #3: Develop.

Develop your responses to common interview questions. In most cases, you’ll also be asked questions specific to the information provided on your resume, as well as behavioral-based questions, such as “Tell me about a time when you (fill in the blank).” When responding, try to tie in a specific example of how you went above and beyond or made a difference at a past employer. Just make sure you don’t give these interview answers!

Beyond responses, you should also be developing a list of your own questions to ask. Not only will you make a better impression with the hiring manager, but you’ll be able to dig deeper into the role and employer to ensure they’re the right fit for you. Here are some of the best questions to ask an interviewer.

Tip #4: Get ready.

A few days before your interview, make sure you have appropriate attire to wear. You should wear a business suit that’s neutral in color, paired with professional shoes. Keep any cologne, perfume, and jewelry to a minimum. Also, make sure you have several copies of your resume, a notebook and a pen to take notes, and the correct address of the interview location.

Preparing for an interview isn’t difficult. But it certainly takes an investment of time to ensure you’re completely ready once the big day arrives. Simply follow the tips above and you’ll be well on your way to setting yourself apart from your competition.

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Why You Need an Original Cover Letter for Each Job You’re Applying to

Some candidates make the mistake of focusing on their resume without giving much thought to their cover letter. Others don’t even send one in at all, believing that hiring managers simply don’t read them.

But submitting a personalized and persuasive letter, along with your resume, is another vital tool that will help you stand out in a sea of other candidates. Here’s why:

  • Your cover letter is a great place to get personal about your background, skills, and abilities. You can share a story that ties in well with the opening to which you’re applying. Or you can talk about your in-depth knowledge of the company and how excited you were when you saw the posting. Your cover letter provides space for you to showcase who are you as a candidate beyond just your skill set and past job titles.

  • Another reason a personalized cover letter is so important is that it gives you the chance to get more specific about why you’re a great fit for the job. While your resume is talking about your past, your cover letter can highlight your present state – i.e. why you want the job – and the future value you can contribute. You can discuss what you bring to the table, the impact you could make if hired, and which specific skills and abilities the employer might be most interested in putting to work.

Whatever you do with your cover letter, avoid regurgitating what you have on your resume, just in letter form. The information you include in your cover letter should be unique to that document and either build on, or introduce, what’s in your resume. It shouldn’t be a replica. 

Some other tips from our professional cover letter writers to help you craft a polished and powerful letter include:

  • Research the company and their hiring needs so you can more easily align your background and abilities with their mission, culture, and job opening.
  • Write a great lead. This is the opening sentence and should engage the hiring manager from the start, so they want to keep reading.
  • While you should always be professional, it’s ok to go with a warm and friendly tone in your cover letter. You want to come off as a human, not a robot.
  • Avoid clichés and empty statements, like you’re a “hard worker” or “team player.” Instead, get specific and offer details and stories that show you’re a hard worker, rather than saying it.

Clearly, writing a cover letter isn’t always easy. That’s why if you’re struggling with the job, then you should consider working with professional cover letter writers, like those at ResumeSpice. We can help you distinguish yourself from the competition, all so you get the call for an interview. Interested in learning more? Contact us at 832.930.7378 today.

6 Ways a Career Coach Will Assist You in Reaching Your Career Goals

Is your career stuck in a rut? Are you confused about what area to direct your career? Do you want to change industries altogether and find something that makes you happier? Whatever situation you’re in, a career coach can help.

What is a career coach?

A career coach is a professional who can work with you in a variety of different ways to ultimately help you achieve your career goals. Assistance can be basic, such as with resume writing, or more in-depth with insight into bigger picture areas, like career planning. Whatever your needs, career experts can offer you unbiased and objective insight into your strengths; help you clarify your objectives; and offer you the guidance you need to become a more marketable professional.

More specifically, when it comes to achieving your career goals, a career coach can help by:

#1. Defining a personalized career plan.

This will take into account your unique skills and background, all to provide you with a road map to get ahead and meet your goals. You will come away with actionable steps you can take to start working towards your career goals.

#2. Reducing stress and anxiety.

Career changes and job searches are stressful. A career coach can offer support and assistance, as well as a healthy perspective, so the process is less overwhelming for you. 

#3. Gaining insight into what employers want.

A career coach is an expert in the employment field. They  know what local employers are looking for in the candidates they’re hiring. They can also offer ideas that you may have never considered – but that fit your professional strengths and interests. 

#4. Lending a helping hand during sensitive situations.

From resigning from your job to dealing with salary negotiations, a career coach can provide valuable guidance on handling these kinds of sensitive issues.

#5. Giving you honest feedback.

If you’re spinning your wheels at work or have been passed over for a deserved promotion, you may need to take a step back and assess whether there are opportunities for development. A career coach can help you do that, so you can ultimately get back on track toward achieving your career goals.

#6. Giving you more control.

If you’re wondering how you reached career stagnancy or why you’re feeling unfulfilled, a career coach can help you find answers. This will help you to take back control over your career and your life, so you can find more meaning in both.

Interested in learning more about how a career coach can help you achieve your career goals? Contact ResumeSpice today at 832.930.7378 today.

Benefits of Using an Interview Prep Service

Walking into an interview is a stressful experience for even the most skilled professional. But there is one step you can take to boost your confidence and your chance of getting the job. It’s through an interview prep service. With one, you can benefit in a variety of ways, including by:

Getting valuable feedback.

If there’s an area where you’re falling short during an interview, then a professional with an interview prep service will be able to pinpoint it. That way, you’ll know your exact weaknesses and can then work on improving them. As you do, you’ll be able to overcome these difficulties and even turn areas where you’re struggling into strengths.

Better preparing for common questions.

On the surface, answering interview questions – like “tell me about yourself” – might not seem like a big deal. But if you’re not providing thoughtful and compelling answers, then you’re not going to get the job. However, with an interview prep service, you’ll learn how to effectively answer common interview questions and bring your relevant experience and accomplishments to light in a way that’s articulate and clear.

Gaining insight into hiring managers.

When it comes to working with an interview prep service, you’ll get experienced professionals who know what hiring managers are looking for in job candidates. They understand interview red flags on the one hand, as well as traits and skills that are most appealing to a potential employer on the other. They can, therefore, help you to better navigate the interview experience, so you stand out against other candidates.

Lowering your stress and anxiety about interviews.

No one really likes to interview for jobs. However, it’s a necessary part of the process. Working with an interview prep service will help you to get through it with less stress and more confidence. You’ll no longer have to worry and wonder about how to answer a certain difficult question, or what to say when you don’t know the answer. An interview prep service can guide you through both common and tricky scenarios, step by step.

Interested in learning more about how you can benefit from an interview prep service?

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Tips on Tailoring Your Resume for Different Jobs

Want the best results with your resume? Then you need to tailor it. By fine-tuning the contents of it for each job you apply to, you can better speak to your most relevant experience and career highlights. This will increase the likelihood that you’ll get a call for an interview.

But when it comes to tailoring your resume, where do you begin? And which areas are most important to focus on? As professional resume writers, ResumeSpice has the answers you need. Here’s are some tips to help you customize your resume:

Read through the job posting.

Grab a highlighter and the job posting and read through it carefully. Highlight the areas and requirements that seem most important to the employer. Then write down which skills, abilities and accomplishments you have that tie in best with their needs.

Rework your summary of qualifications.

Now that you know the areas the potential employer would be most interested in, focus on the summary of qualifications at the top of your resume. It might be a matter of simply reworking the order of the bullet points to include the most relevant information first. Or you may need to add in some new points and eliminate other ones to ensure this area is as personalized as possible to the position.

Edit your career experience.

Once you’ve completed the summary, work next on your experience. Your goal here is to identify the aspects of your career history that would make a hiring manager most excited about you, and then put that information front and center.

Ask a friend to check it.

Once you’re finished, perform a quick check to make sure you’ve hit on all the important points you need to make clear. Then ask a trusted family member, friend or colleague to review your resume, as well, and offer their assessment.

Submit a custom cover letter too.

Don’t stop at your resume when it comes to customization. Make sure you’re also tailoring each cover letter. This goes beyond changing out the employer’s company name to being able to explain why you’re a good match for the specific organization and their job opening.

Looking for professional help with your resume?

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Pro Tips on Writing a LinkedIn Summary

In today’s world, you need a LinkedIn profile to get hired. Some parts of it, like Education and Experience, are straightforward. Others, though, especially the Summary section, are a bit more challenging to get right. What do you include? How long should it be? And how can you stand out in a sea of other candidates online on LinkedIn?

That’s where ResumeSpice comes in. As professional LinkedIn profile writers, we have the tips and advice you need on nailing your Summary:

Tip #1: Focus on the lede.

This is the first sentence in your Summary and is critically important. It’s going to dictate whether or not a recruiter or hiring manager moves on to the next sentence or simply moves on to another candidate. The most effective way to write yours is like you’re telling a story.

Tip #2: Get personal.

Many candidates believe their Summary should read just like their resume. But this is actually the place to show some personality. That doesn’t mean talking about controversial topics. It does, however, mean being authentic and sharing what, for instance, you love about your industry; talking about how you got your foot in the door or discussing the accomplishment that means the most to you and why. 

Tip #3: Talk about your value.

At the end of the day, employers want to know what’s in it for them if they hire you. That’s why it’s important to discuss the problems you’ve solved, the areas where you’re an expert, and the level of experience you have. Offering details on these will give companies more insight into whether you’re a good match for their needs and where you could potentially fit within their organization.

Tip #4: Keep it clear and concise.

Your summary shouldn’t be more than a few paragraphs. To get there it might take many rounds of revisions. However, the end product should clearly demonstrate your enthusiasm, the value you offer, your personality, and why hiring managers and recruiters should consider you.

Tip #5: Ask for help from a friend.

It’s tough to be objective when you’re writing about yourself. It’s therefore always a good idea to ask a friend or colleague to review your Summary and provide you with feedback on improving it.

Interested in getting professional help with your LinkedIn profile?

Call ResumeSpice at 832.930.7378. Our LinkedIn profile writers can work with you to build a powerful profile that gets noticed by recruiters and hiring managers, all so you can find the new job you want faster.

Why You Need to Have a Professional Prepare Your Resume and Guide Your Interview Prep

Looking for a job? You might not think you need professional help with the process. After all, you’ve found positions in the past on your own. Plus, you have plenty of experience and an in-demand skill set.

But have you considered the fact that for every single job opening at a corporation, there are hundreds of candidates applying? What’s more is that they oftentimes have a similar background as you. Standing out can therefore be a challenge.

Here are just a few ways a professional cover letter and resume writing service can help you with the process:

They’re objective.

When you review your resume or cover letter, it’s almost impossible to be objective. However, when you work with a professional, they’ll be able to quickly spot weaknesses and make recommendations for improving them. They’ll also be able to pinpoint any areas that are lacking, all so you include the information hiring managers are looking for.

They can help you identify strengths and value.

Do you understand your value and worth on the employment marketplace? Do you know what skills hiring managers want most? Can you effectively promote all these on your resume and in a job interview? If not, a professional resume writing and interview prep service can help. They’ll know how to hone in on the areas where you’ve contributed most in your career in the past and how to articulate your future value.

They can help you find a job faster.

While there are plenty of candidates out there, many of them make the same common mistakes, like not including accomplishments on their resumes. With help from a cover letter and resume writing service, you can avoid missteps and find a new job faster, as a result.

They can give you insider information.

As professionals in the HR industry, working with an interview prep service means you’ll get first-hand knowledge and expert assistance in getting your foot in the door at places where you want to work. You’ll be able to submit a resume and cover letter that better appeals to hiring managers, and also gain the skills to promote yourself during job interviews.

If you’re thinking about looking for a new job, or about to start a search, consider working with professionals, like those at ResumeSpice. You can get the assistance you need to create a polished resume and cover letter, as well as prep for interviews, all so you can land a terrific new job.

Interested in learning more about working with our professional team?

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