Should You Limit Your Resume to One Page?

The proper length of the modern resume is a topic that leaves many professionals divided, and active job seekers potentially unsure of best practices. Is it better to cut out information for the trade off of conciseness? Or opt for multiple pages and capture a more accurate representation of your job experience? In this blog, we are going to directly explore whether you should limit your resume to one page, and provide clear guidelines on when to be concise and when to elaborate on your professional resume.

Why You Need a Professional LinkedIn Profile

Understanding the importance of a professional LinkedIn profile goes beyond viewing it simply as a digital resume—it represents a dynamic gateway to career growth, professional connections, and a platform for establishing your industry presence. This article breaks down the key reasons that a top-notch LinkedIn profile is indispensable in today’s modern job market, offering insights into how it positions you ahead of the competition, and connects you with the right people in your industry.

Design Your Resume to be Easily Skimmed

In a perfect world, a hiring manager would spend ample time reading through your entire resume to see if you’re a good fit. In reality, though, they’re busy and only devote a few seconds to each one. With that in mind, you need to ensure your resume is written in a way where it’s easy…

What “Other” Skills Should I List on My Resume?

When you’re applying for a job, you know you need to list the skills most relevant to the position. But what about those “other” skills employers want to find out about? How can you tell which to include and which to leave out? The professional resume writers at ResumeSpice have the answers you need. Here’s…

Help! Who Do I Address My Cover Letter to?

You’re in the midst of your job search and find an opportunity that sounds like a great fit. The trouble? The posting doesn’t give you the hiring manager’s name. Or, even if it does, do you use their first name – or “Mrs.” “Ms.” or “Mr.” – in the salutation?