What “Other” Skills Should I List on My Resume?

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When you’re applying for a job, you know you need to list the skills most relevant to the position. But what about those “other” skills employers want to find out about? How can you tell which to include and which to leave out? The professional resume writers at ResumeSpice have the answers you need. Here’s a look at a few skills that are always in demand:


From written to verbal, strong communication skills are a must-have regardless of your industry or career level. So discuss how you give presentations frequently, authored a white paper for your company, or are the point person for training new staff.


It’s important to show that you’re tech-savvy and familiar with a variety of different programs. Make sure you list them out on your resume so that potential employers understand exactly which ones you use regularly.


Whatever field you work in, good customer service skills are always welcome. This includes knowing how to diffuse conflicts and explain products and services. It also includes active listening skills, patience, and empathy.


To set yourself apart from other candidates, show how essential you’ve become in your current or past roles by focusing on your problem-solving abilities. Spotlight specific examples of instances where you saw a challenge, took initiative and delivered a positive outcome.


It doesn’t matter the type of position you’re looking to attain. You’ll have hot projects and tight deadlines. So if you’ve never missed a deadline, highlight that on your resume. Or talk about the big project you brought over the finish line on time and on budget.


Are you especially good at prioritizing or delegating? Does one of your key strengths lie in goal setting and planning? These are vital skills employers look for and why you should include them on your resume.

Now that you know which skills to include, which should you avoid? Don’t state the obvious, unless a job posting specifically asks you to. For instance, listing Microsoft Word under your technical skills just takes up valuable space and employers assume you already know it.

Likewise, don’t list skills that aren’t related at all to the position. Instead, focus on those that will help you stand out in the best possible way to hiring managers, positioning you for an interview.

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