Why Is No One Calling Me Back After I Submit My Resume?

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Getting rejected for a job opening is bad enough. But at least you know where you stand. What’s worse is when you hear nothing at all. While it happens to even the most experienced candidates, if it’s happening to you time and again, it’s a sign something is wrong in your approach. To help you find out what it is and fix it, the professional resume writing service team at ResumeSpice offers some insight into why you’re not hearing back.

You’re not the right fit.

This reason tends to be the most common and the hardest to deal with. You see yourself as completely qualified and perfectly capable of doing the job. However, the hiring manager sees things differently after reviewing your resume. That’s why it’s always important to make sure you’re not applying to every job out there and instead, taking a targeted approach and submitting your resume to those positions you’re truly qualified for.

You didn’t follow the directions.

Oftentimes, an employer will put specific instructions into a job posting, such as to email your resume with a certain subject line, submit your resume as a PDF, not a Word document, or send in three samples of your work. If you fail to follow these, it reflects poorly on you and sends the message you’re not detail oriented.

You didn’t customize your resume.

If you send in one boilerplate resume for every job you apply to, potential employers can’t gain a true sense of your worth. Not only that, but your resume won’t have keywords and phrases from each job posting, which lowers the chances of making it through the applicant tracking system many companies use to screen resumes.

Your salary requirements were too much.

If the company asked you to submit a salary history and requirements – and yours are too high – they’re probably not going to consider you for the position. To avoid this, do some research so you know what’s competitive and reasonable for the types of jobs you’re applying to.

Beyond the mistakes above, there are also plenty of reasons on the employer’s end as to why you’re not hearing back. For instance, they might have filled the position with an internal employee and are no longer looking. Or perhaps you applied too late in the process and they already had several qualified candidates to consider. 

While you don’t have control over whether employers contact you, you do have control over the strength of your resume. Submitting a well-crafted one will improve your odds of getting the attention of the hiring manager and getting more calls for interviews.

If you’d like help creating a resume, call the professional resume writing service experts at ResumeSpice at 832.930.7378. We can help with all aspects of your resume, whether it needs some simple editing or a total overhaul.