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Our passion at ResumeSpice is effectively positioning job seekers for the job – and career – of their dreams. 

You're unique. Shouldn't your resume be as well? At ResumeSpice, we appreciate that every job seeker is different – from industry and functional background to professional and personal goals. We don't believe in cookie cutter resume templates; rather, we take the time to understand every client's specific situation and to develop a customized resume that effectively positions them for the job of their dreams. Below are just a few examples of job seekers with whom we've worked – so you can get a sense for what it's like working with ResumeSpice. You can view some of our sample resumes here and some testimonials from clients hereReady to get started?

Francisco Q. (Executive-Level Resume Client)

In the client's own words:

“A little about myself. I’ve worked in human resources (HR) for around 20 years so I do know a thing or three about creating, editing and reviewing resumes. Up until recently I was fine with redesigning my own resume by Googling what the recent resume trends are and updated descriptions from other job postings as needed. All that work takes time. My previous role was considered a Director or Senior Director in learning & development and my “next step” would be either a Vice/Senior Vice President or even Chief Learning Officer so I knew this time around I needed professional help with my resume. 

A little about my resume. Having around 20 years of experience my resume was already three pages long which is typically the standard maximum. I listed all 20 years because I wanted to show the progression and experience that expands that timeframe as future roles required 10+ years of experience. 

I did my fair share of research via Google then cross verified credentials via LinkedIn because there are way too many “career coaches” out there and knowing I would be paying good money I wanted to ensure only the best would be working on my new resume. I came across ResumeSpice and went to their website and chose the “Executive Package”. Yes, it was on the higher end in regards to pricing but for the positions I was applying for I considered it an investment. 

After submitting my request through their website I was contacted by a ResumeSpice career consultant to send her my then current resume and schedule a time to talk about what my goals were for this service. In addition to what was requested I provided additional information and links to roles I was looking to apply for so she could get a better idea how to best assist me. I also let her know that I wanted a complete “makeover” on my resume and let her work her “magic” since she was the resume professional. 

During our scheduled appointment my consultant had me walk through each current and past roles as well as the biggest projects I was involved in for each of them where significant added value was achieved. She took notes and asked clarifying questions so she fully understood each role and project. I felt confident she had what she needed to create a first draft. I fully expected to “red-line” a lot when I received my first draft. I was sent my first draft in less than a week and was a little shocked, not at what it was lacking, but that she hit the high point of each role in just a few bullets then added corresponding projects/achievements. I was very impressed with how it came out and only had a few other minor suggestions and requests that she listened to and incorporated. My package allowed for three revisions (including the first draft) and I only had to use two to get what I was looking for… then I started applying.

Senior roles like the ones I was going for take time because the review and interview process is quite lengthy so while other roles may get their first interview right away I was realistic and knew it would take some time. Months went by and I kept applying with the resume format that was provided and simply tailored my projects/achievements for each role because I was confident in its design and layout. My consultant even checked in on me after some time had passed and while I knew I had one more revision left I stayed the course. Now, not only did I make it to that next level but I am the Head of Learning & Development for a tele-med (healthcare) company and responsible for the entire company’s culture, values and development to take them to that next level. A big thank you goes to the team at ResumeSpice. I would highly recommend the executive package for those senior level individuals wanting to take their job searching to the next level with a new resume.”

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Darcy H. (Executive-Level Resume Client)

After an accomplished 20+ year career with an international luxury brand retailer, in which he rose to the position of President of US Operations, Darcy sought out ResumeSpice to help him land a new opportunity. The challenge for ResumeSpice was communicating the client's extensive and impressive career in one document – to this point Darcy had never had a resume. After consulting with Darcy, we started working on a resume draft that captured his various accomplishments and impressive career progression, while highlighting specific industry key metrics and quantifiable achievements that uniquely qualified him for the roles he was seeking. Starting from scratch, and with a wealth of information to sort through, ResumeSpice delivered a beautiful resume draft within our 2 day guaranteed timeline – setting Darcy up with the perfect resume for his job search. Utilizing his new resume, Darcy was able to secure a highly-sought after, high-profile Director role within his industry. Ready to get started on your resume?

Beth B. (Professional-Level Resume Client)

Recently returning to the United States after 12 years abroad, Beth enlisted ResumeSpice’s services to remarket herself to US employers. Beth’s chief concern was being able to effectively communicate her experience in the performing arts industry to hiring managers in other fields. ResumeSpice interviewed Beth and talked through her work experience, listening for transferable skills that could apply to other industries. The result was a resume that successfully combined her experience in retail, teaching, and costume design to reveal her as a passionate employee who delivers results in a variety of environments. She has since utilized her resume to secure a prestigious position that perfectly blends her diverse experience with her career goals.  Beth, upon receiving her ResumeSpice resume, “Looking at my new resume is like looking at oneself after a make-over.” Ready to get started on your resume?

Grant M. (Entry-Level Resume Client)

Grant, a recent college graduate with an engineering degree, received an invitation for an all-day interview with his dream employer. The key for ResumeSpice was to help Grant stand apart from the crowd – he would be competing with hundreds of other recent grads at an all-day hiring event.  After consulting with Grant, we focused on specific aspects of his background that he had not previously considered highlighting – with a focus on matching his relevant job experience to the specific job requirements. In addition, as a new grad, Grant was utilizing a resume format that was not optimized for how hiring managers read and screen resumes. After re-wording and re-formatting Grant’s resume, he was ready to meet with his potential employer at the hiring event. Following the event, Grant reported that one of his interviewers praised his resume, calling it the best resume he had seen at the event. Grant landed the position, beating out a crowded field. Grant is now working at his dream job! Ready to get started on your resume?

Andrew S. (Entry-Level Resume Client)

Andrew, an entry-level client, had two years of experience before contacting ResumeSpice. Through a personal contact, Andrew had received an invitation to interview at a growing company, in their operations department. Andrew’s interview was in two days and, without a current resume, he needed a high-quality resume turned around quickly. Because Andrew had limited work experience and had not interviewed with a company in several years, he was relying on ResumeSpice to draw out the relevant experience from his background. After interviewing Andrew, we were able to put together a resume that effectively highlighted key aspects of his work history, ultimately helping Andrew land the position of Office Manager. Ready to get started on your resume?

Emily J. (Executive-Level Resume and Career Coaching Client)

With eclectic experience across multiple areas of her field, Emily’s resume needed focus, and so did her job search. She was confident in her capabilities, but needed guidance on how to position herself to potential employers and successfully transition to the next career level. ResumeSpice revitalized her resume to highlight achievements, emphasize transferrable skills, and elevate role contributions. Career coaching sessions helped Emily refine her strategy and develop a plan of action for each interview opportunity. ResumeSpice delivered a career search game plan that enabled Emily to secure a Director role that aligns ideally with her versatile experience. She shared, “I got a great job offer! Thanks a million for all your hard work and valuable insight throughout my search! Couldn't have done it without you.” Ready to get started on your resume?

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