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ResumeSpice was developed by recruiters based on our first-hand knowledge of what HR, recruiters, and hiring managers are really looking for.

Why ResumeSpice? We're glad you asked! ResumeSpice was developed by recruiters with the mission of providing professional resume writing and career coaching services that actually get results. Over our combined decades of experience in the recruiting industry, we have continuously found that candidates are being misguided with incorrect advice – frequently by unqualified “experts”, as well as well-intentioned friends and family. Our work products and recommendations are based, not on theory, but on our actual experience of what human resources, recruiters, and hiring managers most value when evaluating job candidates. Our process is simple, our team is highly-qualified, and we guarantee our work. Let us help you on the path to the career of your dreams – click here to get started!

“My experience with ResumeSpice was efficient and easy. I'm so thankful to have their service as I would not have been able to create such a professional resume without their help and guidance.”

Carly Jade

Job Seeker (Entry-Level Resume Client)

“Working with Resume Spice has been nothing short of awesome. They really opened my eyes to what I was missing on my resume. Many other companies have said, yes, it's a good resume, but never offered any help like Resume Spice. I highly recommend them!”

Ryan Crist

Sales & Marketing Consultant (Executive-Level Resume Client)

“As the CEO for a growing organization, I knew my professional materials needed updating to help me effectively represent our vision to stakeholders. ResumeSpice did a fantastic job with this and exceeded my expectations. Great process!”

John Cruz

Job Seeker (Executive-Level Resume Client)

“I wasn’t expecting to be treated with such incredible attention and care. I felt as though they genuinely wanted to assist me in my job search. From start to finish, the process was engaging and pleasant. I am very, very happy with the services I received and have recommended ResumeSpice to several of my colleagues. Thank you VERY much.”

Jennifer Sato

Job Seeker (Professional-Level Resume Client)

“I really appreciate the time taken and approach by the ResumeSpice team. My new resume, LinkedIn update and cover letter have already opened multiple doors of opportunity. Thank you so much.”

J Findley

Job Seeker (Executive-Level Resume Client)

“What a great experience! I spoke to ResumeSpice and they put my resume together in a way that was succinct and focused. I struggled with what information to include and how to express what I did, and they took care of all of that for me. The price was reasonable and definitely worth it.”

Denise Whitson

Job Seeker (Professional-Level Resume Client)

“I turned to ResumeSpice after a bad experience with another resume writer. I was skeptical but I have to say they eased my fears and paired me with a writer who I thought understood what my goals were and who turned around a resume that was pretty great in only a few days. You get what you pay for. Although ResumeSpice can be pricey to some, think of it this way: you're investing in your career. It's worth it to have materials that represent you. You also will have access to all of the resources that ResumeSpice has at their fingertips.”

Ryan Leach

Job Seeker (Executive-Level Resume Client)

“I have just moved into a new executive role and knew that my LinkedIn Profile was going to be in need of help. I reached out to ResumeSpice – they were prompt, professional, and savvy. They were able to help me polish my online profile and highlight the things that matter. You can't go wrong with any of the ResumeSpice team.”

Lisa Dabney

Executive Director (LinkedIn Client)

“ResumeSpice was amazing start to finish. Very helpful and understanding of what I wanted to accomplish. The difference in the way my resume was received was apparent right off the bat. I had sent a copy of my old one to some network contacts when I started the process and then sent what ResumeSpice had prepared for me and they were totally blown away. The whole experience was very professional.”

James Sawyer

Job Seeker (Executive Resume Client)

“ResumeSpice was outstanding in delivering my resume, cover letter, and a total new look on my LinkedIn profile. Having gone 27 years since my last job search, they were able to take my wealth of experience to get to a current look that totally highlighted “who I am.” ResumeSpice exceeded any and all expectations I had on what someone could actually create in the three areas I asked for he assist on. Enjoyed the experience!”

Sherman Oglesby

Job Seeker (Executive Resume Client)

“ResumeSpice was absolutely fantastic to work with! I collaborated with them on optimizing the LinkedIn profiles of several of our executives. They know just the right questions to ask to elicit the right responses. Their professionalism shines from the very first moment you interact with them and the writing is superb! Highly, highly recommend ResumeSpice.”

Helen Deian

(LinkedIn Client)

“Thank you for helping me land the job of my dreams! You guys were so patient and helped me put together an amazing resume!”

Jenny P.

Job Seeker (Professional-Level Resume Client)

“Professional, customized, hits the target service. I got the job!”

Carrie S.

Job Seeker (Executive-Level Resume Client)

“I can't thank your team enough. I contacted ResumeSpice in a panic because I needed a resume for a potential job opportunity – and you guys delivered. I didn't give you a whole lot to work with, but the resume you delivered went far beyond my expectations. I got the job and all I can say is wow – and thank you!”

Andrew S.

Job Seeker (Entry-Level Resume Client)

“Awesome experience! ResumeSpice was exceptional throughout the entire process. I appreciate the honest feedback and dedication you provided to deliver a quality product. My LinkedIn profile and resume have already started raising awareness amongst colleagues and recruiters. Thanks again for all your assistance and getting me recognized!

Daniel S.

Job Seeker (Executive Resume Client)

“Thank you so much for all your help with my resume and cover letter! Your input was very useful, especially because many of your suggestions touched on items I was unsure about. I would definitely recommend you guys to anyone looking for professional career advice. Thanks again!”

Shannon S.

Job Seeker (Executive-Level Resume and Cover Letter Client)

“I had a great experience with ResumeSpice. They helped me sum up 13 years at my current employer in the most impactful way! Also did a phenomenal job on my Linked In page. Couldn't be happier!”

Alexander M.

Job Seeker (Professional-Level Resume Client)

“I talked to ResumeSpice, went over my existing resume, and discussed changes that would make my resume stand out in the crowd. They offered many suggestions and within a couple of days had a new version drafted and sent to my inbox. Spot on! The first time I used the new version to apply for a position, I had a response within 2 hours and an interview within 2 days! I highly recommend ResumeSpice! Keep up the great work!”

Lynn B.

Job Seeker (Professional-Level Resume Client)

“Looking at my new resume is like looking at oneself after a make-over. Thank you!!”

Beth B.

Job Seeker (Professional-Level Resume Client)

“I had what I thought was a good resume. However, I noticed that I was not getting the responses I expected and that I knew my experience warranted. After asking ResumeSpice to review my CV, they pointed out areas of improvement and issued assurances that in the hands of their team, I would find a much improved response rate. 

The process was simple, consisting of a simple Q&A with my assigned writer. My writer did an excellent job of getting the details and distilling the conversation into an expertly crafted resume. Not 5 days later, I had a position that I had chased for nearly 3-years.

Thank you ResumeSpice for truly aiding in my job search and ultimately, landing the position. I recommend this organization without hesitation, and though others might not find a position quite so quickly, I can confidently state, you will find ROI on your investment in short order.”

Brian S.

Job Seeker (Executive-Level Resume Client)

“My experience with ResumeSpice has been amazing. I needed help with shortening my resume and help with highlighting my strengths for the position I was looking for. They responded quickly and created a resume that landed me several great offers. I highly recommend ResumeSpice.”

Darieke H.

Job Seeker (Professional-Level Resume Client)

“ResumeSpice did a fantastic job with my resume. I sent over my current resume, set up a time to talk about my background and accomplishments, and then ResumeSpice took care of everything else. When I got my resume, they had completely transformed its look and content into something I was confident to show off. It was customized just for me and incorporated keywords from companies I wanted to interview with. Best of all, I was able to get multiple interviews and the dream role I wanted! Throughout the whole interviewing process I got great feedback on how well my resume was put together and was even told it was the best my interviewer had seen. I would highly recommend ResumeSpice to anyone in the job market.”

Grant M.

Job Seeker (Entry-Level Resume Client)

“I want to thank everyone at ResumeSpice for a job well done. I believe the presentation of my experience has only been enhanced by your assistance and several hiring managers commented on the effectiveness of my resume. I will not hesitate to recommend ResumeSpice to any of my professional colleagues.”

Michael H.

Job Seeker (Executive-Level Resume Client)

“ResumeSpice did an excellent job with vastly improving my resume. I would highly recommend their services to any job seeker or simply to anyone who is looking for an updated, polished, and more compelling resume. They are experts in their field and the entire process was so simple and quick.  The new layout and content of my resume looks so much better and it received a much needed “make-over.” Worth every penny.”

Allison H.

Job Seeker (Professional-Level Resume Client)

“My writer was very professional and maintained a customer focused attitude throughout many revisions.  The response time was exactly as promised.”

Mark R.

Job Seeker (Executive-Level Resume Client)

“I only applied to ONE job, and I landed an interview. I definitely think ResumeSpice and your efforts on the Cover Letter were a key player in this. Thank you!” 

Ali S.

Job Seeker (Cover Letter Client)

“Excellent service, they're fast and deliver what they've promised on time. They've improved my resume after having an interview over the phone with one of their representatives. The final product was awesome. I definitely recommend their services to anyone in the market looking for a new position.”

Dusan M.

Job Seeker (Professional Resume Client)

“Excellent and outstanding, attentive service! Highly recommend!”

Tana S.

Job Seeker (Professional Resume Client)

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