Why ResumeSpice

ResumeSpice was developed by recruiters based on our first-hand knowledge of what HR, recruiters, and hiring managers are really looking for.

We're glad you asked! ResumeSpice was developed by recruiters with the mission of providing a' la carte career coaching services that actually get results. Over our combined decades of experience in the recruiting industry, we have continuously found that candidates are being misguided with incorrect advice – frequently by unqualified “experts”, as well as well-intentioned friends and family. Our work products and recommendations are based, not on theory, but on our actual experience of what human resources, recruiters, and hiring managers most value when evaluating job candidates. Our process is simple, our team is highly-qualified, and we guarantee our work. Let us help you on the path to the career of your dreams – click here to get started!

ResumeSpice vs the Competition

 ResumeSpiceTypical Resume Writers
#1 Rated Resume Writing Company - with 700+ verified 5-star reviews.YES!?
Developed by Harvard MBA + team of recruiters, based on first-hand knowledge of what HR and hiring managers are looking for.YES!Limited recruiting experience.
Designed to get through modern applicant tracking systems.YES!Unproven.
Offers in-person, phone, or Skype consultations.YES!Phone only.
Every resume is customized.YES!Templates.
First draft turned around in 2 business days.YES!3 or more days.
Every resume is reviewed by at least two career consultants.YES!Writer works alone.
Experience across a broad range of industries.YES!Limited industry experience.
Exclusive 60 day interview guarantee!YES!Read fine print.

We Get Results

The only thing that matters to us is your personal career success.

Personal Touch

We customize our approach to every job seeker's situation.

We're Experts

ResumeSpice was built by recruiters based on our inside knowledge.

One-Stop Shop

From resume writing to career coaching, ResumeSpice can help.

We're Fast

We know time is of the essence in any career search. We work fast.


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