Hiring Managers Look for These 3 Things on Your Resume

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When a hiring manager posts a job, they get inundated with dozens of resumes within hours. It’s a lot for them to go through. That’s why when you submit yours, you want to ensure they can scan it quickly and that it stands out effectively in a sea of other candidates. Where do you begin? The professional resume writers at ResumeSpice explain what to include on yours.

The right skills and experience.

It’s surprising how many times candidates without any experience or the right qualifications apply for a job opening. But this simply wastes their time, as well as the hiring managers. To ensure your resume communicates that you clearly have the necessary skills and experience, read through the job posting first to identify the key needs and requirements for the role. Then make sure your resume showcases each with specific examples of responsibilities, quantifiable accomplishments and measurable results.

A career path that makes sense.

Beyond your abilities, hiring managers also want to see an upward trend in your career in terms of progression, as well as an employment history that makes sense for the position they have open. If, however, they see a lot of gaps and jumping around, it’s going to be a red flag that you’re not the most consistent or reliable candidate.

An easy-to-read, error-free resume.

You might be the best fit for a particular role. However, if you send in a three-page resume full of dense paragraphs, tiny type, and narrow margins, it’s not going to get read. Instead, make your resume as easy as possible for a hiring manager to see that you’re a great fit for the job. To do that, format it in a way where it’s simple to scan, so they can quickly connect the dots.

Also, make sure you proofread it multiple times before submitting it. You don’t want a mindless or silly error to sabotage your chances of getting a call for an interview. 

Now that you know the essentials to include, what should you leave out? Here’s a quick look:

  • Skip the objective statement and include a summary of qualifications instead.
  • Don’t list any hobbies or interests, unless they’re directly related to the job or the company.
  • Don’t state that “references are available upon request.” Hiring managers assume this and it simply wastes valuable space.

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