How Many Jobs Should You List on Your Resume?

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Imagine you’re a hiring manager. You post a job opening and get hit with hundreds of resumes in a matter of days. How much time would you spend reviewing each one?

If your guess is just a few seconds, then you’d be right. According to reports, the average time is about six seconds before a hiring manager makes a judgement call about a candidate and their resume. That’s not a lot of time.

As a result, when you’re looking for a new job, you have to create a resume that is laser focused. You don’t need to include every responsibility you’ve ever had. In fact, that’s a fast path to the recycle bin. Instead, make sure you’re including what’s most relevant to the position you’re applying to.

In terms of your work history and how far back to go, it depends on your situation. Generally speaking, 10 years is enough to give a hiring manager a well-rounded view of your background and abilities. However, if you held a position 12 years ago that’s pertinent to a potential employer, then you’ll definitely want to include that, as well.

Typically speaking, those with only a few years of experience won’t have a problem determining what to list and what to shelf. It’s when you have a lot of experience that it can be difficult to decide on what to include.

If that’s the case for you, one easy way to highlight your strengths is with a qualifications summary at the top of your resume. This is simply a list of bullet points showcasing your accomplishments, skills or abilities that best relate to the job. It will likely change a little for each position you apply to. However, it offers you a place to cover key areas in your background in a way that’s simple for hiring managers to scan. The faster you can help them connect the dots, the better your chances of getting a call for an interview.

Keep in mind, your resume isn’t a biography. It’s a marketing document designed to highlight your unique strengths and skills in a way that interests the hiring manager. So, whatever will help you stand out – and get the call for an interview – should be included on your resume.

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