Should You Limit Your Resume to One Page?

The proper length of the modern resume is a topic that leaves many professionals divided, and active job seekers potentially unsure of best practices. Is it better to cut out information for the trade off of conciseness? Or opt for multiple pages and capture a more accurate representation of your job experience? In this blog, we are going to directly explore whether you should limit your resume to one page, and provide clear guidelines on when to be concise and when to elaborate on your professional resume.

How to Ask For A Letter of Recommendation

If you are active in the job market, it is likely that one of the next items on your to-do list is to obtain a letter of recommendation. Having a stamp of approval from a manager or mentor not only can set you apart from other applicants, but gives employers a first-hand look into how you work and what sort of attributes you bring to the table.

Strategies to Enhance Your Personal Brand for an Effective Job Search

Are you ready to leave a genuinely memorable impression on your personal network, future colleagues, and potential hiring managers? In today’s hyper-digital and highly competitive job market, it is easy to get lost in the crowd. To stand out from the rest and capture the attention of a future employer, it will take more than just a well-crafted resume and cover letter to capture their attention – you need a honed-in, top-notch personal brand…

3 Ways to Get a Response to Your Job Application

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