21 Tips for Nailing Your Next Video Interview (2021)

For many employers, the pandemic expedited their use of video interviewing, with some estimating that over 80% of companies used video calls to screen candidates.

Even as employees trickle back into the office, video interviews are likely here to stay, as they offer some clear benefits over traditional, in-person interviews. Most notably, video interviews allow for a more efficient process, eliminating the need for travel, fighting traffic, and finding (and paying for) parking. The result is a much more streamlined scheduling and interviewing process. (more…)

Top 10 Remote Work Job Boards

The Covid pandemic made us rethink how we live, play, and work. When more and more workers made the shift to work-from-home, employers were forced to reconsider how they measure productivity and employee satisfaction. For many companies, it has become clear that employees crave more flexibility in how and when work gets done.


3 Key Reasons to Avoid Using “Best Resume Builder Websites” & “Resume Fillers”

The promise of “best resume builder websites” and “resume fillers” are appealing. 

Simply insert your academic background and work experience into a templated design – and voila, a perfect resume! Some websites even offer keyword features. It’s convenient, easy, and feels like the perfect option (especially if you’re rushed for time). 

But unfortunately, “easy” often doesn’t equal “effective” and these cookie-cutter resumes can actually cost you an interview.