6 Top Resume Writing Services for 2023

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Searching for a job can feel tedious and thankless. You put countless hours into researching companies, finding relevant open positions, drafting cover letters, tweaking and submitting your resume, only to receive a canned email response in return – if you’re lucky. But fear not – because we're going to highlight six top resume writing services that can help you get noticed!

In fact, the number of resumes that get reviewed by human resource managers is strikingly low. Thanks to ubiquitous automated Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS), most resumes are scanned for relevant keywords before making it to an actual human for review.

A study conducted by Interview Success Formula showed just how difficult it can be to pass the ATS gatekeeper. Using information from sources like the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, Glassdoor, and other job-related sites, they found that on average, only about 20% of people get called for an interview.  

Therefore, it’s more important than ever for your resume to strike the perfect balance of being keyword-optimized and concise yet comprehensive, while packaged in a clean, easy-to-read layout. There are many articles with tips and tricks to help you craft the perfect resume and you could certainly spend hours and hours editing and re-editing. 

Or you could have your resume reviewed and rewritten by a professional and start getting those coveted callbacks. If you’re sending out a resume and after resume, but hearing nothing in return, it may be time to consider using a resume writing service.  


Are resume writing services really worth it? 

If you are willing to make an investment in your future, a good resume writing service is absolutely worth it. When you’re out of a job or actively looking for a new one, you may be reluctant to pay a resume writing service. However, when you factor in the amount of time it takes (or the potential delay in landing a job) if you go at it alone, it’s clear why so many professionals rely on a service to help them put their best foot forward. 

A quality resume writing service will be clear about what you can expect in terms of their process, level of expertise, and their value to you. In addition to professional and certified resume writers, look for companies that have a good understanding of ATS technology and take a personalized approach.

There is no shortage of resume writing services on the market today that make all sorts of claims and guarantees for astonishingly low rates. Be sure to read the fine print and steer clear of any company that sounds too good to be true. 

Professional resume writing services don’t rely on resume builders, but rather use experienced writers and recruiting specialists. Throughout the process, you’ll glean valuable insights about how to stand out from the competition that you can carry with you throughout your career. 

How do you know a great resume writing service from a resume mill? You rely on former recruiters and HR professionals to help you find the best of the best. Here are our top six picks for the best resume writing services on the market today.  

ResumeSpice (that’s us!)

Read on for what makes us the #1 rated resume writing service in the U.S.

ResumeSpice was developed by recruiters with intimate knowledge of how HR teams operate and what hiring managers are looking for (you can read more about our story here).

top resume writing services

Our team has decades of experience, is abreast of changing trends, and is well-versed in the intricacies of ATS technology. We hire the very best writers vetted through the industry’s most selective and comprehensive, 6-step hiring process. 

But what truly sets ResumeSpice apart and makes us the top-rated company of our kind, with over 1200 verified five-star reviews, is our commitment to you and personalized attention. Each resume is fully customized to reflect your unique experiences and talents. 

You’ll begin with a personal consultation with a writer who understands your industry and the skills and achievements that are most important to highlight.  Within two business days of your consultation, you’ll have the first draft of a resume that’s been reviewed by two experienced consultants to ensure the highest quality. We will then revise the resume based on your feedback and then deliver your final, refined document in PDF and Word formats. Every resume we write is backed by our 60-day interview guarantee. 

ResumeSpice offers resume writing services for job seekers at all levels of their careers. From recent graduates to C-suite executives, the experts at ResumeSpice have vital inside information about what hiring managers really want to see on your resume.  

In addition to resume writing, ResumeSpice offers a wide variety of services, including career coaching, cover letter writing, LinkedIn profile optimization, professional bios, and even thank you letters. The experts at Resume Spice can help you at every step of your job search process. 

Thousands of job seekers have used ResumeSpice and our personalized approach to land their dream job. 

LinkedIn ProFinder

LinkedIn ProFinder positions itself as a professional services marketplace. The resume writers you’ll find here are not LinkedIn employees, but freelancers vetted by LinkedIn.

Because this is an open-source platform, the quality and comprehensiveness of the resume writers are quite varied. Some writers may hold professional certificates, others may not. Some may focus on editing content while others may have more formatting expertise. 

LinkedIn Pro Finder


Once you place your job on LinkedIn ProFinder, you’ll get up to 5 proposals from professional freelancers. It’s your responsibility to then research each writer and choose the one that best suits your needs from initial consultation through the finished product. Consider not just the price but also their credentials, services offered, any guarantees, and their timeline. On average you can expect turnaround times anywhere from three days to one week or more. 

One of the biggest advantages to LinkedIn ProFinder is the ability to choose someone within your budget and with whom you click. Because this is a person-to-person transaction, you’ll be paying your writer’s fee directly. LinkedIn ProFinder is able to leverage its millions of users to provide you with a huge array of professional writers and the ability to network while you get your resume in order.

The Muse

The Muse has become one of the premier career centers on the internet. They offer everything from the ability to explore companies to career coaching and everything in between. To get started with their resume writing services, you’ll choose from one of their coaches whose background and expertise are a good fit. 

The Muse


Their fees are based on skill level and the services you are looking for. Their resume review services have three-tiered levels. The basic option – Mentor – will get you a 30-minute consultation, an updated resume, and one round of edits. The Coach level increases your consultation to 45 minutes, an updated resume, and up to two rounds of edits. A Master Coach will spend an hour consulting with you before handing you an updated resume with up to three rounds of edits. 

The Muse has professional coaches ready to help no matter what career stage you are in or what your ultimate goals are. Whether you are changing careers or simply would like more money or a promotion, The Muse can help.  

In addition to expert career coaches, The Muse has a comprehensive library of helpful articles on topics relevant to both active and passive job seekers. Their number one focus is on giving you the keys to your own career success.  

Let’s Eat, Grandma

Let’s Eat, Grandma consistently lands on most “top resume writing services” and it’s not just because of their memorable name. 

Lets Eat Grandma

Let’s Eat, Grandma knows exactly what it takes to land you a seemingly elusive interview. (Hint: it’s not working carelessly.) When you sign up for a resume writer, you’ll be asked to complete a detailed questionnaire, upload your current resume, and schedule a meeting with your writer.

They’ll get to work on drafting an updated resume before your initial consultation. Two days before your meeting, you’ll get a copy of the updated resume which helps shape your conversation. 

The writers at Let’s Eat, Grandma will work with you to find the skills and experience that will distinguish you from other candidates and then get to craft a more focused and dynamic resume. Two days after your consultation, you’ll receive this second draft which will have been reviewed by another resume expert. You’ll then have one more opportunity to make any additional changes. The entire process takes approximately 2-3 weeks. 

The additional follow-up call (if you opted for it) is a nice added touch. 

Great Resumes Fast

What started out as one HR professional helping her family and friends with their resumes has turned into one of the best resume writing services available. But just because fast is emphasized in the name does not mean you’ll have to sacrifice quality.

Great Resumes Fast

Great Resumes Fast has three packages from which to choose but even their basic package is anything but. The pricing is a bit more than other resume writing services, but you’ll also get a bit more. The Rapid Resume Rewrite gives you a 60-90 minute “deep-dive” consultation, a professional resume optimized for ATS technology, two rounds of revisions, and unlimited communication with your writer all with a three to five-day turnaround time. 

From there, the packages become even more robust (with services like LinkedIn profiles and value proposition letters) catering to senior-level and C-suite level executives. 

Unlike some other resume writing services, Great Resumes Fast offers a free strategy session to discuss your career goals and how their team of professionals might help. 

Establishing you as the only person for the job is at the heart of Great Resumes Fast’s mission. Their resume writing experts will go beyond tying a pretty bow around your skills and experiences and develop your personal career story, so you become memorable to hiring managers. They focus not just on what you can do but also on who you are. 


Resumeble has worked with over 12,000 customers and earned a reputation as a top resume writing service by providing personalized service that drives results. You can get started with Resumeble for free by uploading a copy of your resume. They will then provide free expert review including an ATS score and other useful insights. 



Their team of experienced, professional writers will consult with you to better understand not only your past work history but also your future career goals. Their affordable basic “career pro” package includes a professional resume as well as cover letter writing. Additional packages (at additional costs) include LinkedIn write-ups, second resume versions, thank you notes, and cold emails to recruiters. You could also choose many of these services as a la carte options as well. 

The writers at Resumeble span multiple industries and work with beginning and mid-career professionals all the way through C-suite executives. They pay strong attention to ATS keywords and ensure your resume is both concise and impactful. 

Resumeble also offers a 60-day interview guarantee. If you do not get an interview call within 60 days, they’ll rewrite your resume. 

Use top resume writing services

While advancements in technology have given us access to an abundance of information about companies, careers, and job searching, the process of finding a job is still neither easy nor quick. Writing the perfect resume that adequately expresses where you’ve been, where you hope to go, and who you are can be daunting. It needs to be comprehensive and concise, cleanly formatted but also stands out from the rest. 

Let a professional resume writing service be your expert guide. They can end up saving you time and stress with invaluable industry insights and an understanding of shifting trends and advancing technology. Just remember that not all services are created equal. 

Paying for a high-quality resume writing service will pay dividends in the future. Think of this step as the launchpad that will catapult your career and land you your dream job.

Interested in expert resume help?

For even more guidance on creating an effective resume, check out our professional resume services here at ResumeSpice. We’d love to work with you to develop a resume that gets you noticed by top companies. You can reach us by phone at 832.930.7378 or contact us online.