How to Add Your Resume to LinkedIn in 2020

There are 20 million open jobs on LinkedIn. 55 job applications are submitted on the platform every second.

In short, if you’re using LinkedIn as part of your job hunt, you want to stand out. A professional resume uploaded to LinkedIn can help you do just that. 


How to add resume to LinkedIn

LinkedIn makes it easy for potential employers to scope out your skills and experience. In fact, you have three options to upload your resume with the networking platform:

  • Upload resume as an attachment to your LinkedIn profile.
  • Save different resumes on the platform for job applications.
  • Add your resume through LinkedIn’s Easy Apply. 

Here’s how to add your resume to LinkedIn step-by-step using each option. We also provide guidance on when to use each one.


1. Upload your resume as an attachment on your LinkedIn profile

Save your resume to LinkedIn as an attachment. With this option, a potential employer can visit your LinkedIn profile and download your resume directly from the platform. 

To upload your own resume, start by clicking “Me” on your LinkedIn toolbar and go to “View Profile.” 



Next, select “Add profile section.” Go down to “Featured” and then click on “Media.” Find your resume on your PC or Mac and open the document.


how to add resume to linkedin


Title your resume and add a description (note: description is optional). Once you’re satisfied, click “Save.”


upload resume


Your resume is now featured on your LinkedIn profile. A potential employer can view this document when they visit your profile, as well as download if they wish. 


featured resume attachment


When to upload: You can use this LinkedIn uploading option when you are publicly seeking new job opportunities and want potential employers to be able to download your resume. 

It’s important to note, however, that your resume contact information will be available to anyone who visits your LinkedIn profile. Consider creating a professional, separate email address and a Google Voice number to include on your public resume and protect your privacy. 


2. Save different resumes to LinkedIn for job applications

It’s time-consuming (and frustrating) to upload a different resume every time you apply to a new job. 

Luckily, LinkedIn allows you to store different resume versions. This way, you can easily select and send to an employer whenever you apply to jobs on the platform. 

First, go to “Me” on the LinkedIn toolbar and then to “Settings & Privacy.”  


job application resume upload


Next, click on “Job seeking preferences.” Select “Change” under “Job application settings.” 


job application preferences


From here, simply upload different versions of your resume. LinkedIn will save up to four versions of your resume for easy access when you’re applying for jobs. 


save linkedin resume


When to upload: You’re actively applying for a variety of jobs on LinkedIn, each requiring a tailored resume. For example, say that you’re applying for marketing and sales jobs. 

You have one resume targeted at “Sales Rep” positions while another is designed for “Marketing Manager” positions. Upload both resume options and use when applying to sales and marketing jobs. 


3. Add your resume to LinkedIn’s Easy Apply

If you’re applying for a job through LinkedIn’s Easy Apply option, you can quickly upload your resume as you go through the application process. 

Click “Easy Apply” on a job posting. 


easy apply resume upload


Fill out your contact info and then select “Upload Resume” to add the document to LinkedIn. Click “Next.” 


easy apply upload resume


Finish filling out any additional questions, review, and then submit your application.  

When to upload: Use this option if you’re occasionally applying for jobs through Easy Apply and don’t need saved copies of your resume. You just need to upload as you go. 


Upload a professional resume

Whatever uploading option you choose, a well-written, professional resume is crucial to the job-hunting process. 

At ResumeSpice, we’re here to help. Our career consultants at ResumeSpice will expertly guide you through creating an amazing resume and LinkedIn profile. Contact us here or call us at 832.930.7378. We’d love to work with you!

How to Reach out to a Recruiter on LinkedIn

Recruiters are in the business of matching great candidates with open roles, but connecting with one over LinkedIn can be a challenge. The reality is, most recruiters are inundated with LinkedIn messages from job seekers. The best way to ensure a response is by sending a message that’s targeted, relevant, and well-written.

Many recruiters within larger companies and in recruiting firms specialize in a particular area, such as technology, industrial, or administrative. Before contacting a recruiter, make sure they cover your geographical market, industry, and role type.

Never send a message that only says, “Do you have any roles for me?” with no accompanying information. Instead, be clear about the roles you are considering. Here’s an example of a message accompanying a LinkedIn connection request:


Dear Alex,

I currently work for Surprise Inside Boxing Company as a Distribution Manager. I have eight years of experience improving processes, leading cross-functional teams, and cutting costs across operations. In 2018, I virtually eliminated accidents within the warehouse by developing and leading safety training for 27 team members.

For my next challenge, I am seeking a Warehouse or Operations Manager role in a fast-paced, high-production facility. I would love to schedule a time to discuss opportunities you may be working on. My schedule is flexible on Wednesday and I’m available any time after 2 p.m. on Thursday. If neither of those times work, I’m happy to schedule a time that is more convenient for you.

I look forward to speaking with you!




It’s also a great idea to research the recruiter’s open roles either on LinkedIn or their company website to determine ahead of time which ones would best suit your background and skillset. Be focused and selective. If a particular role interests you, feel free to link to it in your message.

Even if you don’t see a role that meets your criteria (or vice versa), but the recruiter seems to be a good fit, you can introduce yourself and offer to be a resource as you continue your search. If you see a role that would be a great match for a friend or colleague, refer them! Not only is that genuinely helpful to both parties, but paying it forward is a great way to build goodwill with a recruiter.

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Spruce Up Your Profile: Take Advantage of LinkedIn’s Capabilities

Set up your LinkedIn profile a few years ago and haven’t given it a second glance since? You’re certainly not alone. However, if it’s been months or even years since you last laid eyes on your profile, it could have a negative impact on your job search.

Even if you don’t have a lot of time, investing just a little effort can go a long way in sprucing it up, so it has more appeal among hiring managers and recruiters. And our LinkedIn profile writing experts can help. Here’s how:

Post a professional headshot.

If your profile picture looks too casual, or worse, you don’t have one at all, then it’s going to reflect on you negatively. In fact, far fewer recruiters and hiring managers will take you seriously. So make sure you post a professional-looking picture, one that positions you in a positive light.

Make sure it includes keywords.

The ones you use depend on the types of jobs you’re looking for. But whatever they are, be sure to optimize your profile page with these keywords, including them in the top portion of your profile, especially in the Summary.

Don’t forget about your industry.

If you work in a particular industry and want to remain in it, then be sure to include it in your profile. When you do, you’ll be more likely to be found by potential employers in that industry looking for professionals like you. Not only that, but this positions you as more of an expert in a specific field, rather than a generalist.

Spend some time on the Skills section.

Don’t include every possible skill. Instead, focus on those that are most relevant to the kinds of opportunities that you’re looking for. In addition, order them by priority, making the most relevant ones first.

Get recommendations

One of the best ways to stand out and attain more credibility is through recommendations. So don’t be afraid to reach out to past colleagues and managers and ask them to write one for you. When you do, it will be one of the first areas that a recruiter or potential employer will read.

Want professional help reworking your LinkedIn profile page?

The LinkedIn profile writing experts at ResumeSpice can help you build a more powerful online presence. Find out more by reaching out to our team at 832.930.7378 or by contacting us online.