How Important is a Post-Interview Thank You Letter?

Your interview is over, but that doesn’t mean your work is done. You still need to follow up with a thank you letter.

Why is this so important? Because not sending one can be a deal-breaker for some hiring managers. They expect their top candidates to demonstrate professionalism by following-up. If you don’t – it can impact their final decision.

The good news is that according to job seeker data, only about ¼ of candidates send thank you letters, which means when you do, you can take advantage of another opportunity to set yourself apart. To help you make the most of it, here are some tips to follow from the interview prep experts at ResumeSpice: (more…)

What to Expect from a Phone Interview

When it comes to a phone interview, it’s difficult to know what to expect. Some hiring managers spend 10 minutes on the phone, confirming your interest and your background information. Others might perform a more in-depth assessment, similar to an in-person interview. The bottom line? You must prepare for every scenario. Here are some tips for getting there:

Do your homework.

Research the company online, read through their website and check out their social media profiles. Often, hiring managers will ask questions to ascertain what you know about the company. Doing some legwork ahead of time will help you answer questions intelligently. Not only that, you’ll feel more confident about the interview.

Show some enthusiasm.

While hiring managers are looking for those with the right mix of skills and experience, they also want someone who’s excited about the opportunity they’re offering. Be prepared to explain what interests you about the company and why you want to work there. This will set you apart from other candidates who seem less eager.

Know your value.

Some hiring managers like to talk salary right off the bat during the phone interview. That’s difficult to do if you don’t know what your skills and abilities are worth in your local market. Research sites like, so you have the facts and figures to discuss salary in an informed way. 

Be professional and prepared.

Treat this opportunity like a face-to-face interview; scheduling it when you can give the hiring manager your undivided attention. Ignore any calls or texts that come in. Have a copy of your resume, as well as a notebook and pen to jot down any thoughts that come to mind or points to remember.

Ask your own questions and about next steps.

A hiring manager expects questions from an informed and interested candidate. Make a note of any clarifications you’d like regarding the role or the company. Also, before the conversation ends, ask about next steps moving forward, so you know what to expect.

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Best Answers to the Interview Question: Describe Yourself in 5 Words

When it comes to your interview, you’ve got a lot of prep work to do. While you won’t know every question you’ll get asked, the good news is that there are many common ones that most hiring managers cover. One of these is to describe yourself. If you’re not prepared to give a solid answer, this request can throw you off track. But what should you say, in five words or less? Here are a few tips from our interview prep experts to keep in mind as you’re figuring it out: (more…)

Stand Out in Your Next Interview by Being Fully Prepared

When it comes to job interviews, only the strongest survive – and either move onto the next round or get a call with an offer. So, what can you do to ensure you beat out the competition in your next interview? Prepare. Sounds simple, but too few candidates go into an interview fully prepared. Here are four tips to help you do just that, from ResumeSpice, one of the top interview prep services.

Tip #1: Research.

A big part of preparing for a job interview is learning all you can about the hiring company. What do they do? Who are their customers? What challenges are they currently facing? And what are their main products and services? You can read through their website, Google them for the latest news, and view their employees’ backgrounds on LinkedIn. We always recommend setting up a Google alert for their company name so you don’t miss any important news. You can also seek out current information by viewing their social media sites. 

Tip #2: Assess

Once you know more about the company, you should have a good understanding of where you fit in. If you don’t, thoroughly read through the job description. Check LinkedIn for employees who are currently in similar roles or who may have left the role. What are their backgrounds? What similar skills do you have? Focus on your most relevant accomplishments.  

Tip #3: Develop.

Develop your responses to common interview questions. In most cases, you’ll also be asked questions specific to the information provided on your resume, as well as behavioral-based questions, such as “Tell me about a time when you (fill in the blank).” When responding, try to tie in a specific example of how you went above and beyond or made a difference at a past employer. Just make sure you don’t give these interview answers!

Beyond responses, you should also be developing a list of your own questions to ask. Not only will you make a better impression with the hiring manager, but you’ll be able to dig deeper into the role and employer to ensure they’re the right fit for you. Here are some of the best questions to ask an interviewer.

Tip #4: Get ready.

A few days before your interview, make sure you have appropriate attire to wear. You should wear a business suit that’s neutral in color, paired with professional shoes. Keep any cologne, perfume, and jewelry to a minimum. Also, make sure you have several copies of your resume, a notebook and a pen to take notes, and the correct address of the interview location.

Preparing for an interview isn’t difficult. But it certainly takes an investment of time to ensure you’re completely ready once the big day arrives. Simply follow the tips above and you’ll be well on your way to setting yourself apart from your competition.

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Benefits of Using an Interview Prep Service

Walking into an interview is a stressful experience for even the most skilled professional. But there is one step you can take to boost your confidence and your chance of getting the job. It’s through an interview prep service. With one, you can benefit in a variety of ways, including by:

Getting valuable feedback.

If there’s an area where you’re falling short during an interview, then a professional with an interview prep service will be able to pinpoint it. That way, you’ll know your exact weaknesses and can then work on improving them. As you do, you’ll be able to overcome these difficulties and even turn areas where you’re struggling into strengths.

Better preparing for common questions.

On the surface, answering interview questions – like “tell me about yourself” – might not seem like a big deal. But if you’re not providing thoughtful and compelling answers, then you’re not going to get the job. However, with an interview prep service, you’ll learn how to effectively answer common interview questions and bring your relevant experience and accomplishments to light in a way that’s articulate and clear.

Gaining insight into hiring managers.

When it comes to working with an interview prep service, you’ll get experienced professionals who know what hiring managers are looking for in job candidates. They understand interview red flags on the one hand, as well as traits and skills that are most appealing to a potential employer on the other. They can, therefore, help you to better navigate the interview experience, so you stand out against other candidates.

Lowering your stress and anxiety about interviews.

No one really likes to interview for jobs. However, it’s a necessary part of the process. Working with an interview prep service will help you to get through it with less stress and more confidence. You’ll no longer have to worry and wonder about how to answer a certain difficult question, or what to say when you don’t know the answer. An interview prep service can guide you through both common and tricky scenarios, step by step.

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Why You Need to Have a Professional Prepare Your Resume and Guide Your Interview Prep

Looking for a job? You might not think you need professional help with the process. After all, you’ve found positions in the past on your own. Plus, you have plenty of experience and an in-demand skill set.

But have you considered the fact that for every single job opening at a corporation, there are hundreds of candidates applying? What’s more is that they oftentimes have a similar background as you. Standing out can therefore be a challenge.

Here are just a few ways a professional cover letter and resume writing service can help you with the process:

They’re objective.

When you review your resume or cover letter, it’s almost impossible to be objective. However, when you work with a professional, they’ll be able to quickly spot weaknesses and make recommendations for improving them. They’ll also be able to pinpoint any areas that are lacking, all so you include the information hiring managers are looking for.

They can help you identify strengths and value.

Do you understand your value and worth on the employment marketplace? Do you know what skills hiring managers want most? Can you effectively promote all these on your resume and in a job interview? If not, a professional resume writing and interview prep service can help. They’ll know how to hone in on the areas where you’ve contributed most in your career in the past and how to articulate your future value.

They can help you find a job faster.

While there are plenty of candidates out there, many of them make the same common mistakes, like not including accomplishments on their resumes. With help from a cover letter and resume writing service, you can avoid missteps and find a new job faster, as a result.

They can give you insider information.

As professionals in the HR industry, working with an interview prep service means you’ll get first-hand knowledge and expert assistance in getting your foot in the door at places where you want to work. You’ll be able to submit a resume and cover letter that better appeals to hiring managers, and also gain the skills to promote yourself during job interviews.

If you’re thinking about looking for a new job, or about to start a search, consider working with professionals, like those at ResumeSpice. You can get the assistance you need to create a polished resume and cover letter, as well as prep for interviews, all so you can land a terrific new job.

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