Top Phone Interview Questions to Prepare For

Before you head to a job interview in person, you’ll likely have to go through a phone screen. Employers rely on these because they’re an efficient way to filter out applicants that are a weak fit and schedule face-to-face interviews with those that are the best fit.

But when it comes to preparing for one, you need to approach it just as seriously as you would a regular, in-person interview. To help you in the process, here are the top phone interview questions to get ready to answer. (more…)

Why You Shouldn’t Rely On The Unstructured Interview

Hiring mistakes are costly. In fact, one survey found that companies lost $14,900 on every bad hire in 2017. 

Unfortunately, mishires are all too common with 74% of employers saying they've hired the wrong person for a position. 

These numbers suggest that steps in the hiring process are flawed. The interview is a top suspect since companies normally lean heavily on interviews to choose a candidate. According to Murray Resources, 90% of survey respondents ranked the interview as the first or second most important factor in the hiring decision.  (more…)