Should You Use ChatGPT To Write Your Resume?

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Are you tired of spending endless hours crafting the perfect resume for each job application? What if we told you there’s a way to potentially help streamline the process using the power of artificial intelligence? Enter ChatGPT, an AI-powered language model that can assist you in writing and updating your resume. While it's not a replacement for experienced professional resume writers, it can make your job search experience more streamlined and efficient. In this blog, we’ll explore the pros and cons of using ChatGPT for resume writing, learn how to maximize its potential, and determine when and if it’s best to utilize it.

Using ChatGPT For Resume Writing
Using ChatGPT For Resume Writing


Here are a few examples of how a job seeker could utilize ChatGPT:

  • Helping bridge the gap when tailoring your resume or cover letter to a specific job description
  • Brainstorming resume bullet points, job functions, and key phrases 
  • Guidance around general resume and cover letter formatting 

The idea of using AI for resume writing might sound like a dream come true for job seekers, but it does have important limitations. Let's explore the pros and cons of employing ChatGPT for resume crafting:

👍 Pros:

  1. Efficiency: ChatGPT can generate content quickly, saving you time compared to writing your resume from scratch
  2. Spelling and Grammar: It can help ensure your resume is free from spelling and grammatical errors, presenting a polished and professional image to hiring teams
  3. Content Ideas: If you're struggling with what to include in your resume, ChatGPT can provide suggestions and ideas for relevant skills, experiences, and accomplishments
  4. Customization: You can tailor the generated content to match your specific qualifications and job requirements
  5. Consistency: It can help maintain a consistent formatting and style throughout your resume

👎 Cons:

  1. Lack of Personalization: ChatGPT doesn't know your unique experiences, achievements, or career goals. Using it exclusively may result in a generic resume that doesn't effectively represent you
  2. Over-reliance: Relying too heavily on AI-generated content may hinder your ability to articulate your skills and experiences in interviews, where you'll need to discuss your resume in detail
  3. Inaccuracy: While AI can provide suggestions, it might not always fully understand the context or industry-specific details. It's crucial to verify the accuracy of the information provided
  4. Loss of Human Touch: Recruiters often appreciate a personal touch in resumes, which might be lacking if the document is entirely generated by AI
  5. Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS): Some ATS software may struggle to process resumes with unusual formatting or non-standard templates, which could be a risk when using AI-generated content

Although AI tools are highly intelligent and can streamline job-seeking efforts, it’s important to keep in mind that giving AI too heavy of a hand can create a human disconnect. 

✍️Tip: If you are utilizing ChatGPT to assist in building out your resume or cover letter, always go back in to ensure your tone is captured, and be sure to include personal details where applicable. 


How to Maximize ChatGPT's Potential

How to Maximize ChatGPT's Potential

While AI tools such as ChatGPT can save you time, to fully utilize ChatGPT’s capabilities during your job search process, it's important to provide comprehensive details and pointed guidance. This includes being specific with your formatting requirements, such as how you'd like it to write your resume bullet points, as well as including relevant information to build out your resume such as your job title, job descriptions and work history, relevant certificates, accomplishments, and specific skills. Below we will dive a bit deeper into ChatGPT best practices.

✍️Tip: When employing AI technology, keep personal details top of mind. It can be a slippery slope letting something else dictate your background. Be sure to double-check that your resume content accurately represents your job experiences! 

Providing Detailed Input

The key to getting useful, tailored resume output from ChatGPT is providing it with detailed prompts and job-specific information. Think of these prompts as conversation starters that guide the AI in generating the desired output. To get the best results, don’t be afraid to be specific with your requests, such as asking for a particular tone of voice or using keywords.

✍️Tip: When writing a cover letter or tailoring your resume to a specific position, copy and paste the job description and ask ChatGPT to loop in relevant keywords and content to best align your resume or cover letter to your desired job.

When using ChatGPT to put together your resume, copying and pasting job descriptions as well as including your specific work experiences and achievements will greatly help ChatGPT accurately build out the experience section of your resume. Having a well-written, captivating experience section, makes it easier for recruiters to quickly pick out your most relevant achievements and skills, and will set you apart from other candidates.

✍️Tip: Consider using ChatGPT to generate a list of five keywords to highlight in your resume based on the target job description. This is aimed at winning over ATS-tracking systems and will help get your resume in front of the eyes of hiring managers.

Focus on Relevant Skills and Experiences

While using ChatGPT to craft a resume, it’s crucial to concentrate on the most applicable skills and experiences that mark you as the ideal candidate for the job. This includes showcasing your hard skills, soft skills, and tailored professional summary.

✍️Tip: Having trouble fully describing your job function? ChatGPT can help generate keywords or work function phrases to add into your experience section. 

Example: “What are the key functions of a Sales Development Coordinator?”

From there, you can start building out your professional resume section by section. For guidance, best practices and examples of relevant skills and experience sections, check out our list of expert resume writing tips!

✍️Tip: One way to utilize ChatGPT when you are going to write resume achievements is by summarizing your job functions, and asking ChatGPT to output cohesive highlights.

Editing and Refining Your AI-Generated Resume

Editing and Refining An AI-Generated Resume

Once you've received your resume from ChatGPT, it is best practice to confirm accuracy and to infuse a personal touch. This includes proofreading and editing the language and structure, as well as adding your own creativity and flair to the content.

One effective way to refine your ChatGPT-generated resume is to look deeper at each section and to edit the information that the AI has generated. This can include double-checking facts, removing any inaccuracies, and ensuring your resume highlights your unique qualifications and achievements.

Another essential aspect of refining your current resume is tailoring it to the specific job and company you’re applying to. This includes emphasizing your most relevant skills and experiences, as well as showcasing your professional achievements and career goals.

Finally, bear in mind that perfection is unattainable in an AI-generated resume. Human interaction plays an integral role in enhancing the output from ChatGPT. This helps to refine and polish the raw materials produced by it. By taking the time to review and edit your AI-generated resume, you’ll ensure that it accurately reflects your skills and experience and helps you stand out from the competition.


If used as a tailored tool, ChatGPT can be a valuable time-saver for job seekers looking to streamline the resume and cover letter writing process. By understanding the pros and cons, optimizing its use through detailed prompts and tailored input, and knowing when to utilize this technology, it can help you create a quality resume. However, remember that refining and editing your AI-generated resume is crucial to ensure accuracy and a personal touch.


Questions Around Using ChatGPT For Resume Writing

Can you use ChatGPT for job applications?

ChatGPT can absolutely be used for job applications, making it a great tool to have in your job search arsenal.

How do I ask ChatGPT to improve my resume?

Ask ChatGPT to summarize relevant keywords from a job description and rewrite work experience with more impactful language. You can also copy and paste your own resume and ask it to make it better. Be sure to check the final output and personalize it to your liking.

Can ChatGPT write a completely new resume?

While the technology is not a replacement for professional resume writers, ChatGPT can write a completely new “starter” resume. For any ChatGPT generated resume, it's important to review, edit, and refine it to ensure accuracy, and to add a personal touch.

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