How to Reach out to a Recruiter on LinkedIn

Recruiters are in the business of matching great candidates with open roles, but connecting with one over LinkedIn can be a challenge. The reality is, most recruiters are inundated with LinkedIn messages from job seekers. The best way to ensure a response is by sending a message that’s targeted, relevant, and well-written.

Many recruiters within larger companies and in recruiting firms specialize in a particular area, such as technology, industrial, or administrative. Before contacting a recruiter, make sure they cover your geographical market, industry, and role type.

Never send a message that only says, “Do you have any roles for me?” with no accompanying information. Instead, be clear about the roles you are considering. Here’s an example of a message accompanying a LinkedIn connection request:


Dear Alex,

I currently work for Surprise Inside Boxing Company as a Distribution Manager. I have eight years of experience improving processes, leading cross-functional teams, and cutting costs across operations. In 2018, I virtually eliminated accidents within the warehouse by developing and leading safety training for 27 team members.

For my next challenge, I am seeking a Warehouse or Operations Manager role in a fast-paced, high-production facility. I would love to schedule a time to discuss opportunities you may be working on. My schedule is flexible on Wednesday and I’m available any time after 2 p.m. on Thursday. If neither of those times work, I’m happy to schedule a time that is more convenient for you.

I look forward to speaking with you!




It’s also a great idea to research the recruiter’s open roles either on LinkedIn or their company website to determine ahead of time which ones would best suit your background and skillset. Be focused and selective. If a particular role interests you, feel free to link to it in your message.

Even if you don’t see a role that meets your criteria (or vice versa), but the recruiter seems to be a good fit, you can introduce yourself and offer to be a resource as you continue your search. If you see a role that would be a great match for a friend or colleague, refer them! Not only is that genuinely helpful to both parties, but paying it forward is a great way to build goodwill with a recruiter.

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