(Ranked) Top 5 Executive Resume Writing Services

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Are you ready to push your career path forward with a powerful, impactful, executive-level resume? Look no further! In this blog, we’ll introduce you to the top 5 resume writing services for executives that can help you stand out in today's competitive job market. Professional resume writers offer unique benefits and expertise to position you as a confident leader, help you manage your time efficiently during your job search, and lean into resume best practices in the digital space. Let’s dive in and explore how these services can transform your job search experience.


Key Takeaways

  • By using a professional resume writing service, executives are able to save valuable time and focus on their job search, networking, and interview preparation 
  • Professional resume writers are able to craft unique, compelling career narratives to help executives stand out
  • When choosing your professional resume writing service, it is important to consider reviews and reputation, full list of services offered, price, and timeline 


Why Should You Use an Executive-Level Resume Writer?

Why Should You Use an Executive-Level Resume Writer?

As an executive, utilizing professional resume writing services can greatly enhance your job search success by allowing you to effectively manage the time you otherwise would have spent crafting a resume- which is a significant advantage considering the limited hours high-level professionals may be able to devote to their new job hunt.

In addition to giving you back valuable time, professional resume writers are trained and understand how to intentionally position you as the experienced leader that you are- helping you stand out to hiring managers. Professional writers understand the importance of crafting a compelling career narrative that showcases the impact you’ve had in executive roles. This tailored, personalized approach will set you apart from the competition and highlight your unique value proposition.

Lastly, executive resume writers help you avoid common resume mistakes, and position your resume with modern-day best practices and formatting to increase your chances of securing interviews with potential employers.


Managing Your Time Efficiently During Your Job Search

Time management is crucial, especially during your job search targeting executive positions. Executive positions often involve a more complex and time-consuming search process since they are not always publicly advertised- many companies even rely on headhunters to identify suitable candidates.

Engaging professional resume writing services allows you to concentrate on other pivotal aspects of your job search like networking and interview preparation, taking the burden of creating an executive-level resume off your shoulders. 

Streamlining your job search process through these services optimizes your efforts, thereby enhancing your prospects of securing your desired executive position.


Successfully Positioning Yourself as a Confident Leader

A key aspect of being a successful executive in the job market is the ability to communicate your leadership skills and accomplishments effectively. Executive resume writers understand this and are able to craft compelling career stories that illuminate your expertise, making you more distinguishable in the competitive job market. They know that generic, templated resumes will not do justice to your unique experience and leadership style.


Avoid Common Resume Mistakes, Utilize Best Practices, and Secure Interviews

A well-crafted resume can make all the difference in securing interviews with potential employers. Professional writers can help you avoid common resume mistakes like formatting and grammar errors, can guarantee a polished resume that passes ATS, as well as tailor your resume to meet today's ever-changing best practices.


Top 5 Executive Resume Writing Services

Now that we have talked about why to use an executive resume writing service, it's time to explore the top 5 services that could be game-changers in your executive job search:

  1. ResumeSpice
  2. Wendi Weiner
  3. Mary Elizabeth Bradford
  4. TopResume Executive Priority
  5. Avid Careerist 
Top 5 Resume Writing Services for Executives

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ResumeSpice (that's us!)

Resume Spice Executive Resume Writing Services 

✍️ Executive-Level Resume Pricing Starting at $699

ResumeSpice is a premier professional resume writing service known for their modern, expert-level resume knowledge, tailored packages based on experience, and highly-rated career-building services. Founded by actual recruiters, ResumeSpice has a deep understanding of the HR landscape and what hiring managers look for in executive resumes.

Here are a few additional services offered:

ResumeSpice works with job seekers from various industries, functions, and career levels, including those seeking C-suite, executive, and upper management positions. With a 100% satisfaction guarantee and a 60-day interview guarantee, ResumeSpice continues to deliver top-tier results to clients nationwide, earning them an impressive 4.9/5 stars on Trustpilot. 

ResumeSpice Trustpilot Reviews 


The Writing Guru- Wendi Weiner

Wendy Weiner Executive Resume Writing Services 

✍️ Executive-Level Resume Pricing Starting at $3,095 

Wendi Weiner, also known as The Writing Guru, is a professional resume writer and career coach specializing in executive and attorney-level resumes. With a personalized one-on-one collaboration, Wendi focuses on crafting impactful and insightful career narratives that showcase your leadership skills and expertise.

Wendi’s resume writing process is thorough, involving an in-depth interview to ensure an effective working relationship before engaging in a personalized collaboration. This attention to detail and personalized approach has earned her a reputation as a top career expert, and a 4.9/5 star review on Google. 

Wendi Weiner Google Reviews 


CEO Resume Writer- Mary Elizabeth Bradford

Mary Elizabeth Bradford Executive Resume Writing Services 

✍️ Executive-Level Resume Pricing Starting at ​​$2,697

Mary Elizabeth Bradford is a well-known name in the recruiting world and is a renowned executive resume writer. She has been delivering exceptional results in this field for over 15 years. She specializes in providing services to VP to CXO clients around the world, ensuring that your executive resume is tailored to your unique achievements.

Beyond resume writing, Mary Elizabeth Bradford provides personal one-on-one coaching sessions, along with LinkedIn design and optimization services. Although Mary Elizabeth Bradford has few online reviews, you can find testimonials on her LinkedIn! Mary Elizabeth's dedication to her client’s success has earned her multiple awards, recognizing her as one of the top executive resume writers.

Mary Elizabeth Bradford LinkedIn Reviews


TopResume Executive Priority 

TopResume Resume Writing Services 

✍️ Executive-Level Resume Pricing Starting at $699

TopResume is a professional resume writing service that offers a cost-effective option for executives seeking a well-crafted resume. Their expert writers possess backgrounds in Human Resources, Recruiting, Career Coaching, and Job Search Strategy.

TopResume utilizes only the top 10% of their network of writers for their executive resume clientele- ensuring top-tier execution. They also offer LinkedIn makeovers, cover letter writing, a 60-day interview guarantee, and an impressive 4.1/5 stars on Trustpilot. 

TopResume Trustpilot Reviews 


Avid Careerist 

AvidCareerist Executive Resume Writing Services 

✍️ Executive-Level Resume Pricing Starting at $1,800

AvidCareerist is a top recommendation for executive-level resume writing services thanks to their specialized expertise and personalized approach. Avid Careerist tailors their writing to an individual's unique strengths and career goals, and crafts high-impact resumes that deliver results. 

Avid Careerist understand ATS and intentionally designs resumes to pass initial screenings, backed by a track record of satisfied clients who have successfully landed executive roles. Additionally, AvidCareerist offers a range of career services, including LinkedIn profile optimization and interview coaching, making them a comprehensive resource for executives seeking their next opportunity.

Although Avid Careerist has limited reviews from third-parties, she has great testimonials and reviews on her LinkedIn

Avid Careerist LinkedIn Reviews and Testimonials 



Top 5 Executive Resume Writing Summary

In conclusion, investing in executive resume writing services can significantly improve your job search experience and increase your chances of securing interviews with potential employers.

By enlisting the help of one of these top-rated services, you can ensure that your resume is polished, professional, and tailored to your unique professional story. Take the first step towards advancing your career by investing in a powerful executive resume today!



Top 5 Resume Writing Services for Executives

What should I look for in an executive-level resume writing service?

  • Experience: Look for services with a proven track record in crafting executive resumes
  • Industry Knowledge: Choose a service familiar with your industry to ensure the resume aligns with industry standards
  • Customization: A good service tailors each resume to the individual, highlighting unique strengths and achievements
  • Reputation: Read reviews, testimonials, and possibly seek recommendations to gauge the service's reputation

How long does it typically take for an executive writing service to complete a resume?

The timeline for an executive resume can vary, but in 2023, many services aim to deliver within 2 to 14+ business days. Some offer expedited options for a quicker turnaround. The duration may depend on factors like the complexity of the client's career history, the level of customization required, and the responsiveness of the client in providing necessary information.


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