5 Deadly Interview Mistakes

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You’ve scoured the Internet for job opportunities. Spent countless hours polishing your resume and cover letter. And conducted days of research before an interview to learn more about the company. But alas, you’re simply not getting any call backs after the interview.

Where are you going wrong?

1. Answering Your Cell Phone

Before an interview, make sure you turn your phone or tablet off. The last thing you want to do is instinctively answer it when it rings…just as the hiring manager is trying to get an important point across. If you do, you will most likely wind up in the “do not hire” pile.

2. Dressing Unprofessionally

You don’t need to go out and buy a designer suit in order to look sharp during a job interview. What you do need to do is ensure your suit fits well, is in a muted or neutral color and is ironed and ready to go the morning of your interview. Nothing says “sloppy” or “unprofessional” better than clothes that are too casual or ill fitting.

3. Not Appearing Interested

If you’re really not that into the job opportunity – you’re more interested in the perks and benefits – then that attitude is going to come through loud and clear to a hiring manager. It’s important to show some energy and enthusiasm during the job interview. That doesn’t mean you need to be bouncing off the walls, but it does mean you need to appear eager and inquisitive.

4. Bashing a Past Boss

You could have had the worst boss in the world in your last job. But if you bash him or her during a job interview, you’re the one that’s going to wind up looking bad.

So if a hiring manager asks about why you left, be as diplomatic as possible. Instead, focus on what you learned and how you grew during your time at the company.

5. Not Getting Specific

Sure, you can say you’re the best at what you do. But what examples can you offer to back that up? Hiring managers are looking for people with a proven track record of success and positive results. And when you can offer several strong ones in your job interview – that are relevant to the position – your chances of getting hired are far greater.

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