Gaps in Your Resume? Ways to Take Gaps & Turn Them Into Bridges to Your Next Job

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Looking for a new job is always a challenge. However, if you have gaps in your resume, it can be even more of an uphill battle. If you don’t handle them properly, they can make hiring managers stop and think the worst. In fact, there’s even what’s called an “unemployed bias” where employers assume a candidate is less-qualified because of their lack of employment.

If that’s the case for you, what can you do? Here are some tips to help.

Get a contract job.

While you’re searching for your next full-time opportunity, fill your employment gap with a contract or temporary job. This will offer several benefits, including the opportunity to earn income, make connections, and gain skills. It will also show potential employers that you’re eager to return to work and committed to staying engaged during your search.

Start volunteering.

Whether it’s with an industry group or a charitable organization, volunteering is another impactful way to fill the gap. It shows that you want to give back and help, whether with your time or expertise. It also enables you to meet new people and learn about upcoming job leads.

Write articles or blog posts.

If you’re an industry veteran, you have a lot of knowledge and wisdom to offer. Consider starting a blog to share it, or write an article for an industry publication. You can list these on your resume and also position yourself as a thought leader in the field.

Sign up for training.

If you’re looking for a job that you’re not quite qualified for, then you’ll need more training or education to help you eventually land the right one. Now’s the time to enroll in an online class, training seminar, or certification course. You can list it on your resume as an activity that’s in progress, so hiring managers know you’re on your way to earning a certain certification or completing a class.

Address it in your cover letter.

If your employment gap is due to caring for a child or senior loved one, then address this on your cover letter. It’s a common situation and will quickly explain to the hiring manager why there’s a gap on your resume. Just state that you were out of the workforce to care for a family member, but now you’re ready and eager to return full-time.

Need more help with your resume?

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