How Many Versions of My Resume Should I Have?

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You spent hours writing, editing, polishing, and proofreading your perfect resume. Now that you’re done, all you have to do is apply for jobs, right?

Actually, there’s still some work to do even though your resume is complete. This is because you need to tailor the document around every position you apply to. That doesn’t necessarily mean making major changes or that you need to rewrite it.

In fact, the opposite is true. If you have a defined career goal and experience to back it up, then your resume should be relatively focused as it is. It does, however, mean tweaking it, so it’s clear to each hiring manager that you’re “the one” for their job.

When creating resume versions, here are a few areas to focus on.

The name of the file.

If you’ve held the position of administrative assistant, but are looking for a role as a customer service representative, use that as the file name for your resume. For instance, instead of “Mary Smith Resume_Administrative Assistant,” title it “Mary Smith Resume_Customer Service Representative.” This will not only help with humans but the Applicant Tracking System software the company uses.

Your summary of qualifications.

At the top of your resume, rather than an objective, include a list of your top qualifications, strengths, or core competencies for the job. You can modify these slightly depending on each position. For instance, you might change the order of the list, putting a bullet point more related to a particular job at the top. You also might want to edit the language slightly. Check the job posting for guidance.

Your work experience.

This is another area that needs a little attention when you’re tailoring your resume. Again, you’re not going to make big changes here; however, do make small, impactful ones. For instance, perhaps a certain job duty is particularly important for one role versus another. Highlight it where it makes sense, so you stand out to the hiring manager and make yourself an obvious choice for their position.

So when you’re wondering “how many resumes do I need,” the answer is typically one. However, you’ll most likely need to create resume versions for each job.

But if you have different interests and are applying to positions that aren’t really in line with each other, then you will need to create multiple resumes to ensure each one is as strong as possible.

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