3 Key Reasons to Avoid Using “Best Resume Builder Websites” & “Resume Fillers”

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The promise of “best resume builder websites” and “resume fillers” are appealing. 

Simply insert your academic background and work experience into a templated design – and voila, a perfect resume! Some websites even offer keyword features. It’s convenient, easy, and feels like the perfect option (especially if you’re rushed for time). 

But unfortunately, “easy” often doesn’t equal “effective” and these cookie-cutter resumes can actually cost you an interview. 

Here are our top three reasons to avoid resume builder websites (and what you can do instead). 


1. Resume builders don’t follow standard best resume practices.  

Resume builders might look aesthetically pleasing, but most won’t make it through an ATS scan (or past a hiring manager for that matter) as they fail to follow common resume best practices. 

Here are a few resume mistakes that resume fillers make.

  • Resume builders don’t adhere to an ATS-friendly format.
  • Resume builders include non-compliant pictures and graphics.
  • They have multiple columns or too much whitespace. 

Let’s start with the lack of an ATS-friendly format. An ATS is software that’s used by hiring teams to help them collect, scan, and rank submitted resumes. More than 95% of large companies use an ATS to analyze resumes, so it’s important that resumes are designed/formatted to meet their requirements.

With those statistics in mind, let’s take a look at the following resume created with a resume builder (aka resume filler) and the highlighted mistakes:


best resume builder websites


Notice the graphics, unnecessary side columns, and abundance of white space. These errors can quickly confuse an ATS system, damaging your chances of making it to the next step in the hiring process. 

As 58% of resumes have formatting issues, you’re already ahead of the game if your resume follows a simple, but effective, text-based format utilized by a top professional resume writing service

Here’s another resume example with a major mistake:


resume filler


As you can see, this resume includes a headshot. Many recruiters view headshots on resumes as unprofessional and/or they intentionally steer clear of them to avoid any perception of discrimination based on gender, race, age, or other factors. Headshots are also difficult for an ATS to read. 

This resume builder example includes very generic language and doesn’t quantify experience/include keywords to match a specific job description. 

Unfortunately, these problems are common across thousands of resume builders and resume fillers. 


2. “Free” resume builders come with costs.

Ever heard the saying, “Nothing in life is free?” “Free” resume builders are no different and normally come with a hidden price tag. 

Here’s how the process works; you find a “free” resume builder and begin inputting your information. 

After spending hours adding your skills, experience, and getting the details just right, you try to download the document…only to find that you have to pay to access it. In other words, it was free to try the service, but not to do much else. 

Check out these actual prices from the following “free” resume builders: 


resume builder pricing

Pricing transparency is key with resume services so you’re not unexpectedly hit with fees (especially when you’re getting little value). At ResumeSpice, we believe in full transparency with our prices – in our pricing page, we clearly display exactly what services you get AND the price. There are no hidden costs/fees. 


3. Resume builders don’t customize your resume to fit specific jobs. 

In addition to errors and hidden costs, resume builders simply can’t communicate what you bring to the table as an applicant. 

What career achievements do you have? How can you best support your claims and prove your value? What keywords should you include to match the job description? Each job is unique and every resume needs to be personalized accordingly. 

Whether you’re applying for a marketing position or an engineering role, one-size-fits-all templates from a resume builder are designed to look pretty, but you don’t receive guidance on what to write (or how to write it) to ensure you stand out.

Say that you’re applying to be a sales operations associate for a SaaS software company. The job description calls for strong project management and sales operations experience. 

Although you don’t have as much sales experience, you have both key soft and hard skills from past positions with software companies that translate well to the role. 

Working with a specialized recruiter can help you pinpoint the most relevant skills and effectively communicate why you’re a top candidate through your sales resume.


Executive ResumeData Analyst

Examples of customized, ATS-friendly resumes


Resume builders are also notorious for using generic keywords. You might use language from the template to describe your skills and experience, but a hiring manager can spot jargon and buzzwords like “team player” and “excellent communication skills” a mile away. And if thousands of other applicants are using the same template, you’re going to end up with a mediocre resume that blends in with the rest. 

This lack of customization can cost you an interview. According to one career site, 54% of recruiters cited the lack of resume customization as a top resume for rejecting a resume. 

Finally, resume builders are simply that – a platform for you to build a resume. Unlike a professional resume writing service, resume builders typically don’t offer extra services like LinkedIn writing, interview prep, personalized calls, etc.; services that help you go the extra mile as a successful applicant!


Choose a professional resume writing service that works with you to create the perfect resume. 

A professional resume writing service like ResumeSpice offers much more than a resume builder or resume filler. 

Our resume writing services are packed with benefits. Every resume service includes:

  • 1:1 phone consultation with one of our professional resume experts.
  • Keyword optimization to get through Applicant Tracking Systems.
  • Two sets of eyes on every resume.
  • Personalized draft of your resume turned around within two business days of your consultation.
  • Two rounds of comprehensive revisions based on your feedback.
  • Final, personalized resume emailed to you in Word and PDF formats.
  • Exclusive ResumeSpice 60 Day Interview Guarantee.

You can then rest easy knowing that your resume is perfectly tailored to the job and designed to make it through an ATS scan. We also offer cover letter and LinkedIn profile writing services, interview prep, and more!

Looking to write your own resume? You can download our free ATS-friendly resume template here. Our ultimate goal is to ensure you have a stellar, professional resume that helps you get the job! 

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