How Do I List Remote Work on My Resume?

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Thanks to technology, more and more workers are employed on a remote basis, meaning they work from home. But if you’re looking for a new opportunity, how do you list this on your resume? To help handle it properly, here are some tips.

Be clear about it.

Whether you were employed by one company or freelanced for several, state clearly that it was a remote, work-from-home position. While you should include the employer’s location as part of the information, you can talk about how you worked remote in the bullet points. Or you can simply list it after your job title.

If you worked remotely for certain companies on the side, all while being employed in office full-time for another organization, then simply create a “Remote Work Experience” section on your resume.

Talk about off-site achievements.

In the bullet points under your various remote positions, highlight the accomplishments you were able to achieve in each one. Sometimes, recruiters and hiring managers can be concerned about productivity when it comes to hiring remote workers. So make it clear you’re a driven top performer by providing specific examples of your successful track record.

Demonstrate the skills you’ve gained as a remote worker.

When you’re not working in the office and instead are working from home, it’s important to talk about the related skills you’ve gained in the process. For instance, you have to be more disciplined, focused, and motivated when working remotely. Likewise, you have to communicate more often and clearly with your teammates and your boss since you do not see them in person on a daily basis. These are important to highlight on your resume.

Reinforce remote work in your cover letter.

Don’t shy away from talking about it in your cover letter. Instead, explain the experiences, challenges and opportunities you’ve dealt with by working remotely and how they combine to make you the ideal fit for the job. In essence, position it as an asset for the employer you’re applying to.

If you still need more inspiration, look up remote work resume samples online to find ones that can be helpful for you. You can also search for work from home resume templates. Don’t copy these; however, do use them as a guide to creating your resume, so it’s in the best shape possible.

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