Remember to Include Continuing or Online Education on Your Resume

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Employers want to hire candidates who are driven and always working to improve themselves. So if you’ve taken or are currently enrolled in continuing education or online classes, it can be an element that sets you apart. That’s especially important when you consider hiring managers are often inundated with hundreds of resumes for every position they post.

So, what’s the best way to highlight these on your resume? Here are some tips from the resume writers at ResumeSpice to help you:

Determine which courses are relevant.

Don’t include continuing education that’s not relevant to the job. For instance, if you’re looking to get hired as a bookkeeper and took a course about art history, it’s not pertinent to the position or the employer. However, if you took a course through the American Institute of Professional Bookkeepers, then be sure to list it.

In addition, if you’re searching for a leadership or higher level position, skip the Intro type courses you’ve taken. Instead, focus on those that are more advanced.

Be mindful about where you include them.

Generally, continuing education or online courses should either be placed under the Education section of your resume, or you can create a section just for Professional Development and list it there. Take the latter approach if you have a long list of relevant courses. It will make your resume look cleaner and more organized.

Say the right things about them.

Once you know the courses you’ll be including on your resume, list the name of the course, the organization or institute you took it through and the year you completed it. These don’t necessarily need to be in chronological order, like your work history under the Experience section. Instead, order them by relevancy. Hiring managers skim resumes quickly and you want to ensure the courses that will make the biggest and best impression possible are front and center.

Whatever you do list on your resume in terms of continuing education or online courses, be honest about it. A hiring manager can easily check and verify that you completed a course and earned a certain credential. If they come across information that’s different from what’s on your resume, it will sabotage your chances of getting the job.

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