Tips from Professional Resume Writers

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When it comes to creating an effective resume, even the most experienced professionals can get stumped. At ResumeSpice, we understand this and are here to help. Below are a few expert tips from our team of professional resume writers that can help, whether you’re starting from scratch or polishing an existing resume:

Keep it simple.

You don’t need to have a five-page resume to impress a hiring manager. One, two pages, and, in rare instances, three will do the trick. If you’re experienced, then your resume will probably fit best on two pages. If you’re on the entry level side of your career, then a one-page resume will most likely suffice. But keep in mind, hiring managers don’t actually read your resume word for word – at least initially. So, keep it simple, succinct, and focus on the most impactful elements of your background.

Make it easy to understand.

Within a few seconds of looking at your resume, a hiring manager should be able to grasp what you do and the value you can offer. You can’t do that if you have a long-winded resume with dense paragraphs and tiny print. Instead, when writing and formatting your resume, make sure you focus on ensuring everything is easy to understand. Avoid fluff and hyperbole. Utilize simple fonts and write in bullet points rather than flowing prose.

Use a reverse chronological order.

When working on your employment history, be sure to use the reverse chronological approach. This means listing your most recent place of employment, and then working backwards. Make sure to include the name of the company, your job title, and relevant accomplishments and responsibilities. Always begin bullets with action verbs.

Tell a story.

Hiring managers don’t want to hire robots. They want real people who can get the job done. So, wherever possible, use numbers, dollar amounts, timelines, percentages and statistics to demonstrate your accomplishments. Also, if there’s something unique to your background – such as you’re an Olympic athlete or speak three languages – don’t forget to include it on your resume to help you stand out.

When preparing your resume, also consider the following don’ts:

  • Don’t use fancy or script font. Stick to the tried-and-true ones.
  • Don’t italicize and underline everything for emphasis. Go easy on superfluous formatting.
  • Don’t include an objective at the top of your resume. The hiring manager knows your objective is to get the job, just like every other candidate who applies.
  • Don’t use templates or table formats. Instead, use a simple Word document that any hiring manager can easily open and view.
  • Don’t include personal information, such as whether you’re married or have kids. Also, skip the hobbies and personal interests, unless there’s a direct connection to the job you’re applying for or your hobby is truly unique (you're a 5x Ironman finisher!).

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