Tips on Tailoring Your Resume for Different Jobs

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Want the best results with your resume? Then you need to tailor it. By fine-tuning the contents of it for each job you apply to, you can better speak to your most relevant experience and career highlights. This will increase the likelihood that you’ll get a call for an interview.

But when it comes to tailoring your resume, where do you begin? And which areas are most important to focus on? As professional resume writers, ResumeSpice has the answers you need. Here’s are some tips to help you customize your resume:

Read through the job posting.

Grab a highlighter and the job posting and read through it carefully. Highlight the areas and requirements that seem most important to the employer. Then write down which skills, abilities and accomplishments you have that tie in best with their needs.

Rework your summary of qualifications.

Now that you know the areas the potential employer would be most interested in, focus on the summary of qualifications at the top of your resume. It might be a matter of simply reworking the order of the bullet points to include the most relevant information first. Or you may need to add in some new points and eliminate other ones to ensure this area is as personalized as possible to the position.

Edit your career experience.

Once you’ve completed the summary, work next on your experience. Your goal here is to identify the aspects of your career history that would make a hiring manager most excited about you, and then put that information front and center.

Ask a friend to check it.

Once you’re finished, perform a quick check to make sure you’ve hit on all the important points you need to make clear. Then ask a trusted family member, friend or colleague to review your resume, as well, and offer their assessment.

Submit a custom cover letter too.

Don’t stop at your resume when it comes to customization. Make sure you’re also tailoring each cover letter. This goes beyond changing out the employer’s company name to being able to explain why you’re a good match for the specific organization and their job opening.

Looking for professional help with your resume?

Consider the resume writers at ResumeSpice. We know what employers look for on resumes and can help you tailor yours, so you grab their attention and get called for an interview. Call 832.930.7378 today to learn more.