Need a Resume Makeover? Here’s Where to Start

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Your resume is your ticket into the interview process. If it’s not working as well as you hoped – and you’re not getting calls for interviews – then it’s time for a makeover. As one of the top resume writing services, ResumeSpice can help. To start, here are 5 key areas to focus on and freshen up your resume:

#1: Length.

Do you have two years of experience, but your resume is three or four pages long? That’s a problem. If you’re in the entry-level range, then cut your resume down to a page. If you’re a more skilled professional – with 5+ years of experience – then you can submit a resume that’s two pages. Here's a good guide on how long should your resume should be. 

#2: Style.

Is your font size tiny? Are margins tight? Style matters when it comes to your resume. That’s why you need to use a font that’s easy to read and professional So, skip the Comic Sans and instead use a font like Cambria, Calibri, or Times New Roman.

In addition, make sure your resume doesn’t look too cramped. You want it to be as easy as possible for hiring managers to scan, which means one-inch margins and a reasonable amount of space between each line of text.

#3: Format. 

The best resume format to use is a reverse chronological one. This is where you list your most recent job, and then end with your oldest experience. The same order should be used for your education credentials.

#4: Accomplishments.

If you’re simply focusing on tasks, and not talking about your track record, then you’re not going to stand out to hiring managers. Within each position you’ve listed, think about and include at least one major accomplishment that you’re especially proud of and that aligns with the position to which you’re applying. Quantify these with numbers – such as time saved, costs reduced, or profits earned – wherever you can.

#5: Keywords.

Today’s applications and resumes are often scanned by an applicant tracking system before human eyes see them. It’s therefore important to include keywords and phrases from the job posting. Doing so will increase your odds of making it through this filter.

Need more help creating a resume that produces better results?

Call the resume writing service at ResumeSpice at 832.930.7378 today. We know what today’s top employers look for in resumes and how to produce a winning one that leads to more calls for interviews. We also offer a range of services, whether you need a full re-write or just some quick tips on polishing your resume.