How Do I Show My Job Duties as Accomplishments on my Resume?

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You know your resume should go beyond duties – spelling out your accomplishments is key to providing hiring managers with tangible examples of how you can impact their business. But sometimes that’s easier said than done.

After all, day in and out and week after week, you’re focused on performing responsibilities in your job that are often hard to measure. Plus, you’re not always keeping track of your accomplishments, or you might not be fully aware of how your work impacts the company's bottom line. This can make writing about them difficult – even for the most experienced professional.

But as resume writing experts, ResumeSpice knows that accomplishments are what set you apart from other job candidates in the minds of hiring managers. They’re what demonstrate your experience, drive to deliver, and proven track record, all in a tangible way.

So how do you take a resume that’s too focused on duties and make it more centered on accomplishments? Here are some tips to help you:

Understand the difference.

A job duty is a task you perform each day, such as “managed the customer billing system.” The accomplishment is the impact it had. For instance, you might write something like “reworked the customer billing system to ensure invoices are consistently distributed on schedule.” These are the kinds of details that will help distinguish you on the job market.

Compile your list.

Once you know the difference between duties and accomplishments, start making a list of those that are important to highlight. When you’re thinking about examples, focus on the most relevant ones for the job you’re applying to. To help you, here are a few questions to ask yourself:

  • How did I save the company time or money?
  • How did I implement or improve any processes that weren’t working? What kind of an impact did that have?
  • How did the work I do help customers and clients?
  • Did I ever go the extra mile on a particular project or with a specific client? How so?
  • Did I ever win an award or was I ever recognized on a certain project or in any way at work?
  • In what ways did I stand out at past companies?
  • What kinds of problems did I solve on a regular basis? What impact did my solutions have?
  • Were there times I exceeded goals or sales quotas?
  • If asked about you, what would your boss or co-workers say makes you great at your work?

Quantify wherever you can.

Adding facts and figures to your accomplishments will strengthen them. While you don’t have to do so for every achievement, if there is a way to quantify one, then do it. For instance, instead of just stating that you “negotiated a new contract with an office supply vendor,” you can say that you did so and “cut costs by 10%.” (assuming that's accurate!). This will better paint the picture of your experience, abilities, and the value you can offer.

Hiring managers only spend a few seconds reviewing resumes. Make yours stand out – for the better – with tangible benefits you’ve offered to past employers.

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