3 Ways to Tailor Your Resume to a Specific Job

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Looking for a new job? You know you need to tailor your resume to each potential employer. But what exactly does that means and what areas should you focus on?

When it comes to tweaking your resume, you don’t have to start from scratch each time. You simply need to make edits and modifications to your resume that best tie your background to a specific opportunity.

For instance, if you’re a bookkeeper, a certain software program might be particularly vital for one employer and you’ll want to ensure your experience with it is front and center on your resume. For another employer, though, accrual accounting knowledge could be a key qualification, demanding you focus on that skill instead.

The bottom line? The more you can personalize your resume and bring to life your background for each employer, the better your chance of getting an interview.

So when you’re tailoring yours, be sure you’re putting the following resume tips into practice: 

Customizing Your Summary of Qualifications. 

Objectives are out and summaries of qualifications are in. These are simply a list of bullets at the top of your resume that highlight the achievements, skills and abilities most relevant to the job. For each company you apply to, you’re going to want to revamp this section. Before you do, though, read through the job posting again to ensure you’re including the best-fit information and details about yourself. Remember, this is the first area of your resume hiring managers will see, so it’s critically important to customize it. 

Aligning Your Achievements and Outcomes. 

When you’re writing your resume, go beyond tasks and duties and include quantifiable achievements and outcomes. For the ones you do cover, make sure they’re the best match for the job. This shows the hiring manager you have a proven track record of success; one that relates directly to them. 

Matching Your Skills and Abilities. 

Every job opening will come with its own unique set of requirements. It’s therefore important to ensure you’re covering skills and abilities that are most compatible with each opportunity.

During this process, also read through the job posting to pull out any keywords you should use on your resume. In many cases, companies use applicant tracking systems first to scan resumes and check them for relevancy. So, if you want human eyes to eventually see yours, then you have to ensure you’re including a good mix of keywords.

Resume writing is part art and part science. As a result, it can often be a challenge for candidates to get right. The good news is that the team at ResumeSpice can help. As some of the best resume writers today, we can help you tailor your approach and position your background in a way that will get you more attention from hiring managers. Call us today at 832.930.7378 to learn more or get started.