Top 10 Remote Work Job Boards

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The Covid pandemic made us rethink how we live, play, and work. When more and more workers made the shift to work-from-home, employers were forced to reconsider how they measure productivity and employee satisfaction. For many companies, it has become clear that employees crave more flexibility in how and when work gets done.

An April 2021 study by We Work and Workplace Intelligence found that “75% [of employees] would give up at least one benefit or perk for the freedom to choose their work environment.” 

And it’s not just employees who are eager to see changes to how we work to become permanent. In January 2021, PwC surveyed office workers and executives about the future of work. A whopping “83% of employers now say the shift to remote work has been successful for their company.” This is great news for digital nomads. 

The number of remote jobs is growing steadily to meet the needs and desires of workers. Remote office jobs provide flexibility for modern families with childcare needs or for workers who simply want more freedom. Finding these types of jobs is becoming easier and easier –– if you know where to look. 

There are hundreds of remote work job boards, but we’ve found some of the best. These 10 job boards offer some of the most lucrative and exciting jobs for anyone looking for the freedom and flexibility of remote work. 

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Remote.Co is an excellent resource for any individual or company that sees value and opportunity in remote work. While part of their website is devoted to helping companies find remote talent, the bulk of their website is aimed at helping individuals find remote work opportunities.


Remote.Co has an intuitive and well-organized design allowing job seekers to search for openings by a company or by the job. With categories for almost any industry, you can also target your search by browsing jobs in your field. 

You’ll find both full-time and part-time opportunities all over the globe. Remote.Co is completely free with an option to have email alerts sent to you directly. 

What sets Remote.Co apart from other job boards is their comprehensive library of resources on almost any topic related to remote work. They have several categories of FAQs like how to get started, the benefits of remote work, and life as a digital nomad.


2. LinkedIn 

With over 700 million users worldwide, LinkedIn is a leader in professional networking and career development. It stands to reason they’re one of the best remote job work boards. LinkedIn allows users to search by location, including remote positions. 





LinkedIn is a favorite among job seekers because they have streamlined the job search and application process. When you search for remote jobs on LinkedIn, in some cases, you can apply with just a few clicks of a button. Many employers also allow you to use your LinkedIn profile to autofill their required application information. 

Because LinkedIn is not simply a job board, it offers users more than simple job listings. (Though, to be clear, their job boards are massive and easy to navigate.) With LinkedIn, you can not only search for remote jobs, but you can also connect with other remote workers and find mentors or colleagues who work in your field. 

LinkedIn’s impressive network of talent also helps job seekers explore the latest trends in work and their industry. 



FlexJobs was created in 2007, just when remote work was becoming a real possibility. FlexJobs curates the best flexible and remote jobs across the globe and organizes them for you, saving you hours of time and frustration.


For a small weekly, monthly, or annual fee you gain access to high-quality job postings. FlexJobs’ goal is to make it as easy as possible to find and apply to interesting jobs. While you can find other job boards for free, you’ll benefit from the expert FlexJob researchers who sift through hundreds of job listings and company websites to deliver the most promising opportunities. 

You’ll also find invaluable staff-written job summaries, company descriptions, and other information critical to helping you land your dream job. 

Membership with FlexJobs will also get you access to specialized job search checklists as well as deep discounts on career coaching and resume review. They also boast 200 expert skill tests, webinars with top hiring companies, relevant courses, and other job-related perks.   


4. We Work Remotely 

We Work Remotely is brilliant in its clean and simple design. The site is easy to navigate and has everything you need for a successful job search. While there are tons of programming jobs, We Work Remotely lists jobs across 10 different categories. 


We Work Remotely


You can also search by company. In addition to a massive library of remote-friendly employers, We Work Remotely has an entire category of jobs specifically from the top 100 Remote Companies. 

We Work Remotely is not just a job board but a community of digital nomads who are enthusiastic about learning from one another and sharing their insights. The We Work Remotely forum is a great place to meet other remote workers and learn best practices. 

Becoming a We Work Remotely member offers even more benefits like a robust Slack channel, community events, and discounts on sites like Skillshare and CodeAcademy to help enhance your skills. 

As a member, you’ll also get access to career coaching, resume reviews, and LinkedIn reviews to help you improve your profile so you rise to the top. 


5. Remote OK

Remote OK is another comprehensive job board with an emphasis on tech jobs like programming, engineering, and design. However, they also have several other categories like teaching, marketing, and non-tech. Remote OK is completely free for job seekers. 


Remote OK


You can quickly get an idea of the job responsibilities, skills, and sometimes salary information without having to click through each listing.  Most jobs will come with a “verified” sticker so you know the jobs are from a trusted source. 

With over one million users globally, Remote OK is an excellent choice for anyone looking for opportunities worldwide. You can quickly browse available listings but there aren’t as many filters to narrow your search as with some other job boards.  

Job seekers can also create a profile on Remote OK listing their skills, expertise, and availability. Companies can search for talent here directly. With a client base including companies like ESPN, Intercom, and moz://a, the possibilities of a great job are endless. 


6. Virtual Vocations

Virtual Vocations is run by a small but mighty team committed to helping remote workers find legitimate quality jobs. The types of jobs are widely varied. With plenty of filters (like weekly hours and employer type) to narrow your search, you’ll easily find relevant jobs quickly. 


Virtual Vocations


The Virtual Vocations team hand selects the best available jobs. Their skilled researchers scour company career sites, job boards, and social media streams to find you the best and latest job postings. 

You can choose to sign up for a free account or pay monthly for premium subscriber access. Premium access gets you priority alerts for certain jobs, easy job tracking, and expert guides like the Telecommuting Handbook and Interview Guide. 

They also offer a number of courses to help you improve your skills and become more marketable. 


7. Jobspresso

Jobspresso is a no-nonsense, free remote job board with an impressive number of legitimate job listings in a variety of industries. Search for jobs by keyword or browse the most relevant job categories from sales to product management to design and UX. 




Jobspresso allows users to post their resumes for free so that recruiters can find them first —before they post their openings to the general population. They also offer resume templates and builders to help you get started. 

Jobspresso is solely focused on finding and publishing the best available remote job opportunities out there. If you’ve got a polished resume and want to focus solely on searching for quality job boards, Jobspresso is perfect. Getting started with Jobspresso is easy. Start browsing positions and apply today. 


8. Outsourcely 

Outsourcely is a remote job board that brings job seekers and clients together on one platform. Outsourcely allows job seekers to create a free user profile to showcase their skills and experience and apply to jobs posted on their site. Companies can also search the pool of talent to find potential candidates to meet their needs.




Outsourcely works with companies eager to find the best talent available regardless of geographic location. They provide several channels of communication (like emails, messenger, and calls) so remote workers and their potential clients can communicate directly.

Unlike their main competitors, Outsourcely does not take a commission for matching freelancers with clients. Users get to keep 100% of their earnings. Additionally, many of the jobs on Outsourcely are for long-term, reliable employment, not quick freelance jobs which benefits both the employee and employer. 

Outsourcely does not provide any tools to track work and does not mediate disputes overpayment or work performed. 

Freelancers can create a detailed profile page with Outsourcely including testimonials to verify their talents and assets.  


9. Upwork

Upwork is one of the most well-known remote job sites out there. Formerly known as Elance, Upwork has been fostering remote work for over two decades making it one of the OGs of remote job boards. Similar to Outsourcely, Upwork brings employees and employers together on their platform. 




Remote workers can create a profile and start searching for jobs for free, though there is a small fee for submitting proposals for jobs. (Upwork calls these “connects” and the number required varies.) 

You’ll find thousands of jobs on Upwork in nearly an industry. There are several filters to help narrow search results including entry-level, intermediate, and expert. Remote workers can expect to find both short and long-term work and plenty of support from the Upwork team of experts. 

In order to protect both the employee and employer, Upwork encourages all communication to take place on their platform. This includes payment, communication, and tools to log hours worked. With all this information, they can better evaluate disputes to arrange for an equitable solution.  


10. Freelancer

Freelancer is another well-known name in freelancing circles (and not just because of the name, though it helps). 




Like Upwork and Outsourcely, Freelancer brings job seekers and clients together. Job seekers can search for jobs that fit their skillset and place a bid. If the client finds your profile and previous work a match, they’ll reach out. With their free account, you can submit up to 8 job proposals per month. 

Users can search for jobs by skill, language, latest posting, or by “featured jobs.” Prices for jobs vary widely as well as the specificity of job listings. Freelancers are encouraged to reach out directly to clients with questions or concerns. 

Users can create a profile and search for thousands of jobs. While the volume of work is massive, it also means the quality of some postings may not be as high as on highly curated remote job boards. 

Remote work is here to stay and as a result, digital nomads have more options than ever to find these flexible jobs. These 10 remote work job boards are great places to get started on transforming your career. 


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