5 Critical Tips to Building a Top Resume That Stands Out

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You know that most hiring managers only spend a few seconds scanning through resumes before deciding on whom to interview. The question is: how can you stand out with yours, especially in a sea of other candidates? It’s easier than you might think. Here are six top resume writing tips from the resume writing professionals at ResumeSpice to help you get there:

#1: Make an impact with your branding statement.

Want to create the best resume? Ditch the objective. Hiring managers know that your objective as a candidate is to get the job. Instead, use one line branding statement that summarizes your unique background in one (maximum, two) powerful sentences. You’re may need to customize the statement for each job. But, it’s the first thing hiring managers see, and a branding statement will go a long way in helping you stand out.

#2: Sprinkle in keywords.

In today’s world, resume scanning software, known as ATS systems, often filters out resumes before a hiring manager actually lays eyes on them. That’s why – if you want your resume to even be seen – it’s critically important that you use keywords from the job posting throughout it. Be careful not to “keyword stuff” your resume – applicant tracking systems are smart enough to identify candidates that are gaming thei system. Just a few mentions will do.

#3: Be succinct.

Being long-winded is easy. Being short and sweet – and still persuasive – will get you noticed by hiring managers. So even if you have to edit your resume a dozen times to make it as tight and articulate as possible, do it. It will pay off in the end with a top resume and more calls for interviews.

#4: Boast a little.

Most people hate self-promotion. So you’re certainly not alone there. And while no one wants to hear about how great you are at your next dinner party, you should boast (in moderation) about yourself on your resume. That simply means you should take an achievement-focused approach when discussing your current and past work experience. Rather than highlighting tasks, highlight accomplishments.

#5: Focus on facts and numbers.

Nobody likes fluff and hyperbole, but especially hiring managers. Rather than filling your resume with a bunch of adjectives, focus instead on facts. Wherever you can, quantify your accomplishments with hard numbers, from dollar figures to statistics, percentages and time saved.

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