How Much Information Should You Put On Your Resume?

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When it comes to writing your resume, there’s a fine line between offering enough information and including too many details. How can you determine just what the hiring manager wants to know and what information to discard? Here are some tips to ensure you submit a powerful and persuasive resume that doesn’t go overboard.

Avoid personal details.

Don’t include anything about your personal life, such as whether you’re married or you have kids. When it comes to personal information, all that should be on your resume are your name, email, and phone number. You can also include a link to your LinkedIn profile. 

Keep it brief.

Look at your resume like the highlight reel of your career. It should provide short snippets of important information about your relevant skills and abilities.

It should not, however, include long, dense blocks of text about the job you had 20 years ago in high school. Focus on the most important points and be as concise as possible.

In terms of length, if you have several years of experience or more, it’s fine to submit a resume that’s two pages long. However, if you’re an entry level job seeker, keep it to one page only.

Don’t repeat your cover letter.

The great thing about a cover letter and resume is it gives you two opportunities in which to promote your background and set yourself apart. Repeating the same information on both simply wastes space.

Instead, tell a story in your cover letter about why you want to work for the company or why you’re passionate about the industry. On your resume, focus on quantifying your skills, abilities, and accomplishments.

Avoid extra information.

Unless you’re a brand new graduate, you don’t have to include your GPA in college or your coursework. Also avoid information, like hobbies. If you do volunteer work and it’s related to the position or company, then you can include this under a “Volunteer” section. However, be discerning when it comes to extraneous information and generally avoid including it.

Still not sure what to put on your resume?

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