How to Receive Negative Feedback Graciously

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Rejection stings. Especially in the job search and even more so when you know you’re a good fit for a role.

When a recruiter or a hiring manager gives you negative feedback on your resume or interview, your first instinct may be to reply defensively. Instead…

Stop. Wait. Breathe.

Learning to accept feedback graciously is a skill that will benefit you throughout your career. As anyone who has ever applied to a job knows, most times you don’t receive feedback on why you weren’t considered or interviewed for a role.

When you do receive an explanation, accept it as a gift. Consider what was said – after you’ve had a chance to meditate, drink a latte, shoot some hoops, or do whatever makes you happy and helps clear your mind.

Think carefully about the following:

• Is this feedback part of a theme? Does it sound similar to past advice from supervisors, coworkers, and/or potential employers?
• Is there something you can take from it to further improve on the content of your resume and/or your interviewing skills?
• If it’s based upon a misconception of your experience, is there a way to professionally respond and highlight an achievement in that area?

Sometimes, despite our best efforts, the answer is no. When that happens, the best way to respond to the related feedback is, “Thank you for taking the time to share this with me. I appreciate the opportunity to be considered and wish you the very best.”

Whether you do or not is entirely up to you, but this is how you build a reputation for professionalism while leaving the door open for future opportunities.

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