Should I Use an Objective Statement on a Resume?

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As one of the country’s premier resume writing and career coaching services, there are some questions our ResumeSpice team hears consistently from job seekers. One common misconception is the need for an objective statement. Learn why an objective statement can actually harm your chances of getting that job – and find out what you should be including instead:

  • Objective statements are about you, not the employer. A prospective employer is looking to fill a key role and seeking specific specific skills. Yet, an objective statement is all about you, your wants and your preferred role. It takes the emphasis off the important skills and benefits you can bring to the company.
  • An objective statement could hurt your chances. A prospective employer who is conducting a quick scan of a pile of resumes could simply discard your resume entirely if the stated objective doesn’t align perfectly with their needs. They will scan to narrow the field and determine who most closely matches their stated preferences; a specific objective could cause you to be screened out early in the process, even if a more detailed read through would reveal you to be a prime candidate for the job.
  • Objective statements take up valuable space. If your resume were a newspaper, the real estate occupied by a conventional objective statement would be the headline, grabbing the reader’s attention without conveying the information that secures you an interview. Instead of using a dated objective statement, make the most of this prime viewing section by utilizing the title of the job you want and a branding statement that clearly relays what the reader can expect from your skills and background.

By incorporating both a concise title and a statement that represents your branding and what you bring to the job, you will make it easy for a prospective employer to shift your resume to the “yes” pile, while reducing reasons to screen you out. Need more examples of a strong branding statement? Our sample resumes provide plenty of inspiration for job seekers in a variety of fields.

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