5 Types of Skills to Include on Your Resume

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Just a few months ago it was a candidate’s market with your choice of possibilities. Now, in today’s uncertain economy, employers are tightening their belts and approaching the hiring process with far more caution.

To get noticed and set yourself apart, you must include the right skills on your resume. Generally there are two categories: hard and soft.

Hard skills are those technical abilities and competencies you need to perform a job properly. Think accounting or coding experience, as well as analytics, marketing or administrative skills. Soft skills, on the other hand, are more interpersonal in nature and relate to how you work alone and alongside others. These include teamwork, problem-solving, and flexibility.

Both are important and can help you get your foot in the door with a potential employer. Here are a few skill-based areas to focus on from our professional resume writers:

Communication Skills

No matter what type of job you have, communicating effectively will always be a top priority. So focus on the ways you’ve done so effectively in past roles. This includes through making formal presentations, writing press releases, communicating with key stakeholders, answering phones, or resolving customer service issues.

Technical Skills

Solid computer and technology-related skills are also in-demand. For instance, if you have experience with a certain platform, software package or app and the company you’re applying to uses it, make sure you highlight your proficiency. Employers want to make the learning curve as short as possible for new hires. If you already have technical knowledge to perform the job, you’re more likely to get the offer.

Leadership Skills

Employers are looking for those who are proactive and take initiative, regardless of whether it’s for an executive role or an entry level one. Discuss your ability to make decisions, solve problems, motivate a team and remain positive despite challenges.

Organizational Skills

Employers want to hire people who are naturals when it comes to prioritizing tasks, staying organized and managing time. This translates into a worker who’s more conscientious and diligent. Some ways to showcase your skill set in this area are to discuss your ability to remain on task and disciplined. You can also talk about a time you caught a potentially expensive mistake thanks to your attention to detail.

Collaborative Skills

These skills involve how you work with others. Companies want people who are able to work independently and as part of a team. They know that successful collaboration among a diverse group of people is key to creativity, innovation and maintaining a competitive edge. It’s therefore important to highlight how you’ve worked with others on your team or across departments in the past to bring important projects to fruition.

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