How to Name Your Resume & Cover Letter Files

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You’ve spent hours writing and editing your resume and cover letter. Then polishing and proofreading it again and again. It’s time to submit it, right? Before you do, make sure you’re taking the right approach when it comes to naming these files. One little mistake can sabotage all your hard work. Here’s how to avoid them.

Get specific.

Don’t simply call it “resume.doc” or something equally generic. Your resume needs to set you apart and that starts with the name of the file. Otherwise, it could get lost in the shuffle and won’t get seen by the hiring manager.

Include your name.

Whatever you do call your file, part of it should include your name. This will not only ensure your resume and cover letter are clearly marked but that it won’t get confused with someone else’s. At the same time, a hiring manager will be able to find it quickly if they want or need to review it again.

Consider other details.

If your name isn’t too long, you can consider adding the title of the position you are applying for. For instance, you can call it: Jill Rogers_Sales Associate. This is helpful for those hiring managers who are recruiting for many different positions across their company.

Make sure if get rid of any version numbers.

If you have multiple versions of your resume, make sure you’re getting rid of the version numbers when you upload and submit them. For instance, if you have “John Dale_v1” and “John Dale_v2” saved on your computer, remove the numbers and simply include your name.

Also, if you have to send a cover letter as a separate file, instead of in the body of an email, make sure both files are distinct. In this case, you likely won’t want to include the title of the position since the file name will get too long. Instead, name your cover letter “Jill Rogers_Cover Letter” and your resume “Jill Rogers_Resume.”

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