What to Include in Your Work Experience on Your Resume

When it comes to your resume, hiring managers place a heavy emphasis on the “Work Experience” section. After all, this tells them if you have the ability and the qualifications to do the job.

It sounds simple enough; yet, when it comes down to writing yours, it can be a challenge. If you’re feeling stumped, here’s some insight into how to describe your work experience. (more…)

8 Important Changes to Make to Your Senior- or Executive-Level Resume

When you’re in the big leagues, you need a resume to go along with your senior-level position. Writing an executive resume, however, can be a challenge, especially if you don’t know the right approach to take. That’s where ResumeSpice, a leading executive resume writing service, comes in. We’re experts in director-level resumes and offer these eight ways for improving yours. (more…)