Importance of Having a Professional Picture for LinkedIn

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As the saying goes, “a picture is worth a thousand words.” When a recruiter or hiring manager visits your profile page, the first thing they’ll see is your image. If yours isn’t professional or up to par, it’s going to impact the impression you’re making. For instance, if it’s too dark or low resolution, hiring managers may wonder about your attention to detail.

What’s even worse than having a low-quality image is not having one at all. This looks phony and spammy. Plus, your profile will garner far less traffic. In fact, according to LinkedIn statistics, those with a photo get 21 times more profile views and nine times more connection requests.

If you can get a professional headshot taken, you’re going to make a powerful impression. However, even if you can’t, there are still simple steps to ensure the image you post on your profile helps you stand out in a positive way. Here are some tips from the LinkedIn profile writing team at ResumeSpice to help you get there:

Don’t use a selfie.

It will make you look immature and unprofessional. These are for personal social media posts and not appropriate for LinkedIn.

Post a headshot.

Your LinkedIn profile image shouldn’t be a full body shot, but rather a headshot that focuses on your face. It’s, therefore, important to take your photo in a location with ample lighting. Don’t depend on the flash or light on your phone to do the job.

Wear appropriate attire.

Though the shot might simply show you from the shoulders up, whatever you’re wearing should be professional and send a positive image. Avoid novelty ties, big jewelry, and bold patterns. Instead, go for a neutral look that won’t distract. When in doubt, it’s always best to keep these to a minimum. 

Keep it simple.

Wherever you take your headshot, make sure it’s somewhere with a low-key background. If it’s too busy, it will distract from you and the image you’re trying to project. A solid colored or neutral background is the best choice.

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