Looking for a new job? It’s a good time to take a step back and consider whether you want to switch industries too. If you’re not happy where you are, this could be the perfect opportunity to pursue that dream career you’ve always wanted to. So how can you prepare for an interview when you’re making a big career transition? Here are some tips.

Focus on transferable skills.

Sure, you’re switching industries. However, you likely still have many skills that will be useful in new jobs from past roles. Play these up. Talk about the skills and experiences you’ve had that are most relevant or that will help you be successful in the new industry. Once you think it through, you may have more in common with it than you realized.

Highlight soft skills.

Today’s employers are looking for individuals who are hard-working, dependable, collaborative and have the right mix of soft skills for their team. So if you’re switching industries, don’t focus too much on the hard skills you don’t have. Instead, talk about the soft skills you do have that will set you up for success in the role. For instance, being flexible, eager to learn, and learning quickly will all make you a more appealing candidate.

Talk about your fresh perspective.

There are many advantages for employers when it comes to hiring people who are new to the industry. With experience from outside it, newbies are often the ones who offer a fresh perspective, new ideas, and unique thoughts. So focus on how your lack of experience in the industry is actually a benefit for the employer. Discuss what insights or different opinions you can share from your old industry that might be helpful in the new one.

Be ready to explain the change.

Hiring managers will likely want to know why you’re suddenly changing roles. Be ready with an explanation. Try to frame it in a way that it’s positive and logical, even if it’s because you hate the industry you work in. You don’t want to seem flighty, but instead like you’re making a well-planned career move into an industry that will offer more satisfaction.

Want professional help preparing for your interview?

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