What to Do When You Get Caught Lying on Your Resume

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You stretched the truth a little about your experience or exaggerated a past job title. No big deal, right? It is if you get caught, which is likely with today’s background check and verification processes. You can then count yourself out of the running for this job and any future ones the company posts.

Not only that, but lying on your resume actually sets you up for failure if you do get hired. For instance, if you state that have a certain skill you really don’t have, you won’t be able to perform the job and meet expectations if you are hired.

While you always want to position yourself in a positive light, it’s best to do so in an honest way. Otherwise, you’ll live to regret it.

However, if the damage has already been done – and you got caught in a lie – how do you deal it? Here are some tips from the industry’s best resume writers at ResumeSpice to help you:

Fess up.

Don’t go into another set of lies by trying to cover up the first. The hiring manager has already performed their due diligence and uncovered the facts – and your dishonesty along with them. Instead, come clean and acknowledge the error of your ways.

Apologize profusely.

While you likely won’t be considered for the job, you want to do as much damage control as possible. At this point, you owe the hiring manager an apology, not only for lying, but also for wasting their time.

Tell the truth in the future.

Going forward, always aim to tell the truth on your resume. You can feel good about yourself and your candidacy and don’t ever have to worry about being hired based on a lie. Once you do land a great new job, you also won’t have to constantly worry about whether your new employer will find out the truth.

Need more help creating a resume that helps you get hired, without stretching the truth?

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