Should My Resume Be Only Black and White?

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There are a range of decisions to make when it comes to your resume, from the font to use to the point size and also whether to add a splash of color. This is an important part of the message you’re sending to a hiring manager. You want to stand out, yet also be professional.

So, with employers scanning hundreds of resumes for every job posting, should you add color?

It depends on the position you’re applying for. When it comes to most professional jobs, you’ll want to play it safe by only using black and white. However, you can add an additional, conservative color, such as dark gray or navy blue.

In general, try to avoid bright, light, or off-beat colors. These can be distracting and also difficult to read. They can therefore detract from the positive impression you’re trying to make on the hiring manager.

If, however, you work in a more creative field, like marketing, then adding some color can certainly enhance your resume and help it get noticed by a hiring manager. You can think a little more outside of the box when it comes to the colors you choose and use different hues to emphasize important areas on your resume. Just make sure they go together and still come off as professional.

In addition, don’t lose focus on the most important aspect of your resume: the content. Effectively highlighting your skills, abilities and work accomplishments is still the best way to stand out.

Some additional tips for creating a great resume include:

  • Keep it short. Don’t include dense paragraphs or wordy sentences. Instead, make sure you’re being clear and concise.
  • Prioritize key skills. Make sure the most relevant skills and accomplishments are listed first under each job title. This will increase the odds of the hiring manager reading them.
  • Follow a professional layout. Include plenty of white space. Use bullet points for tasks and accomplishments and bold or italicize employers and job titles. This will all improve readability.
  • Finally, before you send your resume out, make sure you proofread it several times, looking for errors or inconsistencies.

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