What to Expect from a Phone Interview

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When it comes to a phone interview, it’s difficult to know what to expect. Some hiring managers spend 10 minutes on the phone, confirming your interest and your background information. Others might perform a more in-depth assessment, similar to an in-person interview. The bottom line? You must prepare for every scenario. Here are some tips for getting there.

Do your homework.

Research the company online, read through their website and check out their social media profiles. Often, hiring managers will ask questions to ascertain what you know about the company. Doing some legwork ahead of time will help you answer questions intelligently. Not only that, you’ll feel more confident about the interview.

Show some enthusiasm.

While hiring managers are looking for those with the right mix of skills and experience, they also want someone who’s excited about the opportunity they’re offering. Be prepared to explain what interests you about the company and why you want to work there. This will set you apart from other candidates who seem less eager.

Know your value.

Some hiring managers like to talk salary right off the bat during the phone interview. That’s difficult to do if you don’t know what your skills and abilities are worth in your local market. Research sites like Salary.com, so you have the facts and figures to discuss salary in an informed way. 

Be professional and prepared.

Treat this opportunity like a face-to-face interview; scheduling it when you can give the hiring manager your undivided attention. Ignore any calls or texts that come in. Have a copy of your resume, as well as a notebook and pen to jot down any thoughts that come to mind or points to remember.

Ask your own questions and about next steps.

A hiring manager expects questions from an informed and interested candidate. Make a note of any clarifications you’d like regarding the role or the company. Also, before the conversation ends, ask about next steps moving forward, so you know what to expect.

Need help getting ready for your next interview?

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