Worried About Age Discrimination With Your Resume? Concentrate on Your Most Recent Jobs

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You have years of experience, deep expertise, and an unparalleled work ethic. The last thing you’d expect to deal with during your job search is age discrimination on your resume. However, in today’s world, with more and more people working well into their 60s and 70s, it could be a reality for you.

The good news is that you don’t need to let it sabotage your efforts to find a new position. There are steps you can take that will age-proof your resume and set you up for more success as you seek out new opportunities:

Focus on More Recent Jobs.

If you have 20 or 30 years of experience – or more – you don’t need to necessarily feature every aspect of your career history. While you might think this is showcasing your extensive experience, it actually can hinder you since hiring managers mainly care about more recent work. Instead, create a reader-friendly resume by focusing on those positions most relevant in the last 10-15 years.

Make Your Resume Easy to Scan Quickly.

Long paragraphs and complex language won’t get you far with a hiring manager. They only spend a few seconds reviewing each resume. The longer yours is, the harder it will be for them to see your value and get a sense of whether you’re a fit. So make sure your resume is formatted with bold-face type and bullet points.

Add Numbers Wherever You Can.

When you’re discussing your recent jobs, another important step to take is to quantify your accomplishments. At the end of the day, hiring managers want people who can deliver results. So if you have a strong history of achievement, highlight it with numbers, whether you’re talking about the time saved, profits earned, costs cut or other key facts and figures.

Keep It To Two Pages or Less. 

In addition, avoid sending in resumes to hiring managers that are more than two pages. Even when you have a lot of experience and are tempted to include a third page, it won’t get read. Instead, aim to streamline your resume, providing the most relevant and timely information possible and presenting it in a way that’s easy for hiring managers to see you’re an excellent candidate for the job.

Need more help overcoming age discrimination issues on your resume? 

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