Email or Snail Mail? The Best Way to Thank Your Interviewer

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After the interview, you can’t just wait for a call. You need to be proactive with a thank you note. The question is: do you send a handwritten one in the mail or an email? Both have their pros and cons; however, the key is to follow up promptly with a heartfelt and relevant message. Once you do that, you’ll cement the positive impression you made during the interview.

To help you decide whether to email a note or mail one, here’s a look at what to consider about both.

Sending an email thank you note.

If you know the hiring manager is planning to hire quickly, sending an email note is the best avenue. You need to get the note in their hands as soon as possible and electronically is the way to do that. Unfortunately, it can take several days for a handwritten note to get to a hiring manager.

If you’re not sure when they plan to make a decision, then opt for the safe choice with an email. Just make sure you use a desktop or laptop computer when you do. It’s too easy to make a mistake when typing a note on your smartphone or on a device. Your thank-you note needs to be error-free, just like your resume and cover letter.

Sending a handwritten note.

If you know you have a little more time, you can take a different approach and mail out a hand-written note. This will definitely stand out in the mind of the hiring manager. It won’t be just another email they received. It also sends the message that you took the time to write out a thank you note to them. This can be especially important in certain industries, like marketing, where every impression and point of contact counts.

Whatever you do decide, make sure your note is meaningful and has some personalized detail in it. In other words, don’t write one thank you and send the same one after ever interview. Instead, bring up a particular point from the conversation, reiterate your interest in the job, and highlight any areas you didn’t discuss during the interview.

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