Resume Writing Do’s and Don’ts

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You want a resume that’s a cut above, one that sparkles and shines. If yours is a little lackluster, the resume writing team at ResumeSpice can help. Here are a few do’s and don’ts to keep in mind as you’re working on your resume, so it stands out against the competition.

Do tailor your resume to every opening.

Hiring managers want to know you’re a good fit for their opportunity. In order to persuade them, you must customize your resume to their needs. This doesn’t mean a total rewrite each time; however, you should adjust it to focus on the strengths, skills and accomplishments most relevant to the job.

Do focus more on achievements.

It’s important to give the hiring manager a good overview of your skills and abilities. But don’t just talk about the tasks you performed; focus more on the accomplishments you’ve achieved. For instance, discuss how you broadened your last employer’s sales base, retained an important client, saved the company money or made a process more efficient.

Do edit and proofread your resume several times.

Don’t let a typo or error in grammar sabotage an otherwise great resume. That’s why it’s important to edit and proofread it multiple times. Even better, ask a friend or family member to review it for you. It’s easy to miss errors after you’ve read it so many times.

Don’t lie or exaggerate.

If you do, you’ll likely get caught with a single phone call from the hiring manager to a past employer. Even if you fly under the radar, if you’re hired, it might be for a position you’re not truly qualified for. Plus, you’ll always be worried about your lie catching up to you. It’s simply not worth it.

Don’t include personal information.

Whether it’s the fact you’re married, have kids, your religious affiliation or your hobbies and personal interests, skip information like this altogether. The only exception is if something in your personal life is relevant to the job or the potential employer.

Don’t write a long-winded resume.

The acceptable length for a resume is one to two pages. If it’s too long for a single page, it’s acceptable to submit a second page. However, don’t go over that length. Hiring managers don’t need to know about every job you’ve held since high school. Nor should you take up valuable space on your resume with pointless statements like “References available upon request.”

Interested in professional help with your resume?

Call the resume writing experts at ResumeSpice. We have several options to choose from, whether your resume needs some minor polishing or major reworking. Find out more by reaching out to our team at 832.930.7378 or by contacting us online.