At ResumeSpice, we offer interview preparation along with resume and cover letter writing, career coaching, and LinkedIn help. One of our clients’ most common concerns, from entry-level to executive candidates, is how to best follow-up after an interview.

There are a few elements that can make your follow-up memorable – and it starts while you’re still in the interview.

Before the interview ends, ask your interviewer about the timeline for making a decision and then request permission to follow-up. For example, if the interviewer tells you they’ll have a decision on the next step in the process within a week – ask them if it’s ok if you reach back out to them in a week. We recommend an email over a phone call, as it’s less intrusive. Be sure to request a business card from everyone with whom you meet so you have their contact information.

After the interview, send an email to the recruiter or the hiring manager to thank them for their time and consideration. This should happen the same day as the interview. Keep it brief, polite, and express enthusiasm for the role.

We also recommend sending a handwritten thank you note, the same day as the interview. You’re likely one of many candidates for the role – when your note arrives, it can help separate you from other candidates. Few candidates follow-up this way, so it’s a great way to leave a positive impression. In the note, thank your interviewer once again for their time and mention something you enjoyed, appreciated, or felt excited about when learning more about the company and the job.

For more tips on preparing for – and following-up – after an interview, contact ResumeSpice today to schedule your one-on-one interview prep session.